Friday, November 12, 2010

Draw FOUR!!

Chase LOVES board games. He is amazing at chess. He gets frustrated with me because I don't quite "get it." He tries to be patient, but at times he just puts his face in his hands and moans. It's a strange feeling indeed when your child has mercy on you and "lets you win." You realize at that moment, that you do not know more than they do about everything. You feel grateful when you hear them say,

 "It's okay Mom, you can go twice."

His new favorite game is Uno. I don't  like it that much. I prefer Phase Ten. Uno gives him that element of...surprise. Phase Ten sort of ambles along at a nice pace. Uno lets you skip someone, hand them ALL of your blue cards, reverse direction, and allows you to laugh all the while your opponent groans and takes more cards. He loves it. He follows me around with the stack of cards in his hands. If I am asleep, he will set the deck up next to me in bed and say,

"Ok, you first."

Autumn had a dance lesson up in Canada last week. I asked Chase if he would like to go along and hang out with me. He said "No" until I offered to take him to Starbucks and play Uno while we waited for her. He ran and got the case and hopped in the van, tying his shoes while we drove.

We got there, grabbed the comfy chairs, and ordered our hot cocoa. He seemed a bit hesitant to be there playing card games while the whole world watched. Of all the kids, he likes attention the least. He's not a ham like the rest of them.

I knew we could fit a LOT off rounds into one hour. I was bracing myself. In between rounds I told him we should talk a little. I asked him how his childhood was going. I asked him if he thought there were any "Mom Skills" I could work on and improve. He pretty much just wanted me to stop making Taco Salad for dinner. If I could please do that, he would be happy. ( He is also the picky one...lettuce makes his skin crawl.) After the next round he said we should tell a couple of jokes. I agreed that would be fun.

Chase: What is  pirate's favorite animal?
Me: Ummmm a parrot?
Chase: No, a shark
Me: You mean because he has a big boat and sails all around and there are sharks everywhere?
Chase: No...because of how he says shark.
Me: How does he say it?
Chase: Ya a pirate.
Me: Oh, like SH-AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR -K!!!!!! (with one eye closed and swinging my arm)
Chase: ( looking around) Mom....Shhhhhh...
Me: What? That's how pirates talk! Tell me another.
Chase: Ok...Where is a pirate's favorite place to go?
Chase: (sinking down in his chair) No, Antarctica.....
Me: (opening my mouth)
Chase: Mom, don't do it...please. I know how they say it....

Oh I laughed. And I told myself to remember this moment. Because it was precious. Him across from me, sipping his drink, happily dealing cards. Me watching his smile and his sweet eye lashes brush against his cheek when he looked down to choose his card and seal my doom. He wanted to be right there with me, but I know that will change. He will have a world to explore and conquer. But for now, he was my little boy. He was my Uno opponent. He was my "reluctant joke teller,"..... he was my Bubba Bear.

And yes, he beat the pants off of me and cackled all the while....