Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favorite: The Coziest Blanket Ever...


I can see why kids get attached to blankies. I am just about there with this one. If I could get away with dragging it behind me everywhere I went I would do it. It's made by Simply Shabby Chic and sells at Target. I had been looking at it for a year and wanting it but it's $49.95 which is steep for a blanket when you have plenty of blankets at home already. I decided to get it and I was making excuses to my kids and my sister the whole way to the check out stand as to why I really needed it. I even put it back a couple of times after talking myself out of why I needed it. I am telling you, spending fifty bucks on a blanket is not my style. But I really, really wanted it. was soooooo worth it. It is so cozy...I felt warm the second I wrapped myself up in it. It's especially nice given the recent rainy cold weather. Also, it's so pretty. Fluffy PINK with a satin border around all four edges. It's a giant baby balnket for adults. :) It also comes in white and green. If you happen to see it in Target, take my word for's worth it!


Oh I had so much fun with all of the planking pictures!

 I had my panel of judges review them and they picked the SNOOPY PLANK as the winner! Thanks for the laughs!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mother Of The Bride. Yep.

Oh my goodness I have been extra busy! I am now a Mother of The Bride and that takes a surprising amount of time and effort. I must say, I love it. It has given Tayler and I a chance to have a lot of time together. I am not the typical MOB, in my humble opinion. I really don't mind what theme Tayler wants, what colors, or if Big Bird is the DJ. She can have purple tuxedos and if it makes her day all she ever dreamed it would be then so be it.  Oddly enough, she picked the exact colors I would have chosen. She picked the exact dresses I would have wanted. She is decorating the reception in my dream decor. Hmmm, funny how that worked out! Maybe it was the hundreds of hours we spent together when she was young shopping for tea sets and everything Shabby Chic. Tayler has always been a classy gal though. She came out of the womb with a fashionable hand bag thrown over her little shoulder.

 It is going to be a beautiful  vintage style wedding and she will be a beautiful bride. She and Kyle have a lot of fun things planned that will allow their unique personalities to shine.

We have had the best time looking for dresses, doilies and mason jars. Here is something I found at a garage sale. It will fit perfectly.

 Her gown is UNREAL and all I could think of as she stood there on that platform is.....

"I gave birth to The Little Mermaid!"

She looked just like her! Maybe I am a teensy bit biased, but I didn't blame the people in the bridal shop for stopping to stare at her with their mouths agape. She was truly a vision. Now, add about 200 people, a groom, music, candles, and her Dad on her arm....and I will be a heap of tears. Here is a picture of her in A dress but of course it is not THE dress...

Here is an idea of her colors and style....

Now, one thing I have to find is a Mother of The Bride gown. So far, the ones I have found are not very nice. Sort of boxy and full of pleats. I don't want to stand out, I want to blend in, but not like a curtain blends in to a wall. And most of those gowns look like drapes. Here is one I found. I know, how tacky that I took it in the mirror but I wanted to capture the moment I tried on my FIRST Mother of The Bride gown. I was a little choked up over it all. It isn't the right color, or style, but it was the FIRST try.
And just for fun, a picture of Havensong dress shopping too. We lost her for a bit!
And here is a link to their wedding blog:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorite: Kindle Book Light!

I love books. They make me happy. Maybe that is why I showed up a bit late to the Kindle Party. Well, that and Scott got an ipad and so I then inherited his Kindle. I was skeptical that I wouldn't like it because I like to feel the pages. I like to smell the pages. I like to skip ahead to the end of a book and read the last chapter. ( I know, it's horrible but I like to know what's coming.) I decided I would give it a try... and I loved it. I found it didn't replace my books. It became something I used in addition to reading paper books. The nice thing is being able to carry so many titles with me while I am out and about. Also, when I want a new book I can have it in mere minutes. And it's so much less effort clicking a button to turn the page, rather than expending so much time and energy lifting my hand. (kidding)

Scott is the Gadget King. I mean it. He is. He loves them. I am not so easily swayed by new fangled ideas. His eyes literally twinkle over technology. The other day he asked me where my Kindle was-which always strikes a little panic in me because I have to think about it- which kinda stresses him out. I told him it was by my side of the bed. I didn't hear back so I assumed it was indeed there.

That night when I scooted under my covers and reached for my Kindle, I saw it had a new cover. It was red, my favorite color. Scott was smiling. I thanked him for such a sweet thought. I loved it.

 He reached over and said,"This is the best part!"

 And WA-LA..........  from the top right corner out popped a book light that was CONNECTED. Ok. That was cool. I have this uncanny ability to read all night long. For years Scott has had to sleep with the pillow wrapped around his head. He has bought me so many book lights but I have lost them all. I don't know how. It's not like I sleep walk and toss them out the door.

 But now.....I will always have my cute little light. As long as I don't lose my Kindle.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Little Miss Muffet

Why is it a spider can strike such terror in most people?

I. hate. them.

I know... I know....they eat harmful insects. Their venom is used to make glue and even artificial muscles. But they are so creepy. I was in the cellar tonight going through boxes and bins and when I was done I felt like I needed a shower after getting all dusty. While I was taking my ponytail out of my hair a huge spider came crawling down my neck. I felt like Elvira. I screamed and it fell to the ground, no doubt from my shrill voice. I  instantly jumped onto the counter with my knees up.

.................There is always that moment when I am staring at the spider wondering if it is worth it to smash it because it is oh so gross and I then run the risk of it jumping me and taking me to the ground. And then I think of my dear sweet children, and I know I have to kill it because it might crawl into their beds with them. Some people scoop them up kindly take them outside and set them free. But the way I look at it, if he (yes he) comes into my territory, it's fair game. So I leaned down, grabbed my rubber boot and proceeded to pummel it. A rubber boot is surprisingly ineffective. He almost made it out alive, but I threw my boot at the last second before he slipped under the door, and I pinned him.

I think Tayler inherited my love for spiders. She is always employing the help of her brother. He hunts them down in her room and kills them. She has a phantom spider that only she can see. Beau has yet to find it. Here is a picture of him searching through her laundry.

We were in the van the other day trying to find a garage sale. We were just about to go into a roundabout and she started screaming. That's never good. I was looking for an animal in the road, or a gunman. She was freaking out. I saw nothing. She unbuckled her seat belt and threw herself into the backseat. I didn't know which road I was to take because she had the map. "WHAT?!" I yelled.

There was a spider on the DASH she loudly informed me. I looked and sure enough there he was. He was digging his little fangs into the dashboard and looking right at me. By now I had entered the roundabout and I was also screaming. I had no idea which road to take so I kept going around and around. By the third time I exited the circle and pulled into the first driveway. We skidded to a stop and jumped out. The only thing I could find to kill it was a bridal magazine.THWAP!

"Press hard on it!" Tayler yelled.

I did. It worked. We looked up gasping for breath and saw we were at the estate sale by total accident. I tore the page off that had the expired spider and tossed it in the trash on our way in.

I saw a Mentos commercial starring a spider and had to laugh. I laughed because the woman in it KNOWS exactly what that spider is capable of doing. I picture this happening to Beau when he finally comes face to face with the phantom spider in Tayler's room.