Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorite: Kindle Book Light!

I love books. They make me happy. Maybe that is why I showed up a bit late to the Kindle Party. Well, that and Scott got an ipad and so I then inherited his Kindle. I was skeptical that I wouldn't like it because I like to feel the pages. I like to smell the pages. I like to skip ahead to the end of a book and read the last chapter. ( I know, it's horrible but I like to know what's coming.) I decided I would give it a try... and I loved it. I found it didn't replace my books. It became something I used in addition to reading paper books. The nice thing is being able to carry so many titles with me while I am out and about. Also, when I want a new book I can have it in mere minutes. And it's so much less effort clicking a button to turn the page, rather than expending so much time and energy lifting my hand. (kidding)

Scott is the Gadget King. I mean it. He is. He loves them. I am not so easily swayed by new fangled ideas. His eyes literally twinkle over technology. The other day he asked me where my Kindle was-which always strikes a little panic in me because I have to think about it- which kinda stresses him out. I told him it was by my side of the bed. I didn't hear back so I assumed it was indeed there.

That night when I scooted under my covers and reached for my Kindle, I saw it had a new cover. It was red, my favorite color. Scott was smiling. I thanked him for such a sweet thought. I loved it.

 He reached over and said,"This is the best part!"

 And WA-LA..........  from the top right corner out popped a book light that was CONNECTED. Ok. That was cool. I have this uncanny ability to read all night long. For years Scott has had to sleep with the pillow wrapped around his head. He has bought me so many book lights but I have lost them all. I don't know how. It's not like I sleep walk and toss them out the door.

 But now.....I will always have my cute little light. As long as I don't lose my Kindle.

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