Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chicken Cart


This was my cart at Value Village.

Not a lot of words needed for this post...
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Rabbits Hate Hutches!

     We have had rabbits for six years. I always felt badly that they were in hutches with no room to run or dig. When I talked to the experts in the area I was surprised to find out that they felt it was just fine. To me it seemed cruel, but what other option did I have? I bought a little fence and let them hop around in, but that only seemed to happen in the summer. Also, they would dig under the fence and get out so I couldn't leave them there very long. They LOVE to dig. It is their favorite thing to do. Also, they are social creatures. They need companionship! Look at rabbits in the wild. Do they live alone at the far end of a field? No, they live in large groups. They love to burrow underground with each other. It's what rabbits DO. Besides, the novelty always wears off, and they sit neglected. Instead of feeling guilty and giving your rabbit away, just let them entertain themselves on their own! They are good at it.

     So, if they love to dig and it is what they were created to do...why do people keep them on wire their whole lives? It is mental cruelty to force these sweet creatures to just sit there 24/7. I asked someone give me an estimate on building a habitat. He told me for $2,000 he could build a nice enclosure. Well, with five kids and braces, college, and shoes to pay for, it wasn't at the top of the priority list. That is why I was SO HAPPY when Scott's parents told me they wanted to build a habitat for the rabbits. They got a lot of the materials from the Re-Store.

      We have two does and one buck. Starbuck is a Jersey Wooley and the other two are Lion Heads. We didn't want baby bunnies so we had Starbuck neutered. Now, all three live together in their new home. They have their hutches there in case they want to be inside but I rarely see them in there. They promptly went underground.
        They love their underground  little tunnels. Digging, scratching to their hearts content. This is what they do all day. Look how busy they like to be! I am sure they have big plans to dig for miles, but we have chicken wire under the dirt to keep them safely inside.

     Rabbits can't talk, so how are they supposed to tell you they hate their hutch? Take my word for it...they do. They might be sitting there, looking content. Really they are just bored.

     I know not everyone has the room for a full on habitat. So I looked into some backyard options that would work. In the UK they love their rabbits. They are their third most popular pet. I found an article that shows a good way for the rabbit to have the shelter from shade, grass to eat, and room to hop around. It involves connecting a tube from the hutch to a play yard with wire underneath.


    I think it's worth the little effort it takes to give your rabbit a nicer, more enjoyable life. Allowing them to follow the instincts God gave them. Just sayin.....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year Parade

    The kids were not overly excited about going to a parade today.  Lately, the parades we have been to have not been great. Instead of decorated floats and candy being thrown, they are now full of cars with  magnetic signs and fliers handed out to solicit business. Maybe people are too busy these days to put any effort into parades, or maybe they are strapped because of the economy. All I know, is after the 4th of July parade I promised everyone we would not go again. But I really wanted to go to this parade.  I told my family I had a feeling it would be worth it. Scott was game and even seemed excited! We woke up to rain and clouds, but we bundled everyone up and went anyway.

     We parked in a really tall parkade. The kids were so amazed by just that, we could have gone home and they would have had a good day. We found seats easily and waited for the parade to begin. It started raining and the kids started to fuss but I reminded them, "You are not made of sugar!" (Thank you Shelly Button for that. It has come in handy many times.)

      It was really fun. The parade began with a man throwing firecrackers, and the dragon was behind him. The drums were constant and everyone was so upbeat. It was kinda thrilling! Then swarms of people started handing out red envelopes with candy and money inside. It was brilliant, actually. Instead of one person from each float doing it, hundreds of people handed them out in the very beginning. There were a few politicians and a few news anchors but none of them were in cars. They all walked. Even the Princesses in their 5 inch heels! I was impressed.

          I wasn't prepared for how much I would love the Lion Dancers. They were amazing! Their movements were so unpredictable and they moved so quickly. It was a real crowd pleaser. Most people tried to touch the lions because they felt it would bring them good luck for the coming year. I felt a little afraid of them!

The lion dance is rich in tradition and history. It is a combination of dance and martial arts and is accompanied by vigorous drumming and loud cymbals. It is thought that the lion wards of evil spirits and brings luck and safety for the new year. The colors and the patterns on each lion depicts a certain aspect of the Chinese culture. During Chinese New Year the lions  visit cities as a part of the traditional custom called, "Cai Ching." which means, "plucking the greens." We noticed there was a head of lettuce suspended from each doorway in China Town. We didn't know what it was for until after the parade. The lions proceeded to each business and approached the lettuce much like a cat plays with a mouse. There was a lot of fanfare and dancing. The lion ate the lettuce in grand style, and in return got to keep the money that was tucked inside the head of lettuce. It was so interesting watching the crowds of people follow the lions around and jump out of the way of the firecrackers as they were thrown near the lion's feet.

     I was proud being there, with my daughter. I looked at her little face that resembled so many other faces around us and felt a little pang of envy. How wonderful to be part of such a rich and beautiful culture! She looked so cute sitting there with her Daddy waving to the lions and dragons.
I think Autumn must have been feeling the same way as me because at one point she turned her face up to me and asked, "What is our culture?" It seems like a simple enough question, right? But it's not easy to answer because I don't fully know. As Americans we have so many roots it's hard to identify the tree. I think Americans have a bit of an identity crisis. I hear my friends often say, "We are German, Norwegian and Native American." Or, "We are Dutch, four generations removed from Holland." Or, "We are Italian." (And they have blonde hair and blue eyes.)  My little speech is, "We are Scottish on pretty much every side, so when you add it all up we are pretty much 100%." I am not saying it's bad to be just plain old American, but I would LOVE to have a culture to relate to. With music, food, and traditions. Today, I had a wonderful time...but it left me feeling a little lost. I guess I can't really explain it very well. But when this lion came up to Havensong and nuzzled her little face, I got choked up.

     I'd say the kids liked lunch as much as the parade. We went into New Town Bakery and Restaurant and ate prawn tarts and steamed buns. It was SO GOOD! We saw everyone eating them and when we finally found the restaurant we had to fight the masses in order to get some. We stood in the middle of the street and eating them, the warm bread thawing out our hands. We are for sure going back to that spot. It will be a family favorite from now on. The menu was very extensive with most things $1.50 each.

     It was a good day. Havensong enjoyed all the sights and sounds. Below is a video of the Lion playing with her. She was pretty tired by this time and wasn't really in the mood, but it was so cute.


Mobile Blogging?

I am sitting here looking at my phone and wondering if I can really blog from it. So I'm trying it out. And if I can add pictures too then I'll be thrilled! I know, mobile blogging isn't new. I am usually a few steps behind.
Ok, I just took a picture so lets see if it works! Fun! Blogging on the go!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vintage Valentine

    I have never been one to decorate my house all up for each holiday. I have always wanted to, but have resisted having extra clutter everywhere. I feel like the non seasonal clutter fights me enough. But I always thought our kids would enjoy it if I would hang some hearts up, or paint a shamrock on something. So, I have decided to decorate my mudroom for each holiday and forget the rest of the house. It's just too much. I will just make that one room really festive and cute. This is the first room my company sees. Maybe it will spark a little joy in them before they proceed to the rest of my house. The part where clutter and toys and books are the decor.

     I didn't have any Valentine's Day decorations and I didn't want to spend a lot on getting some. I decided to go to the thrift store with $30.00 and see what I could find. I found a LOT. Most things were no more than $2.00.

         From petal hats to cupid mirrors to embroidery...I raked it in. My cart was bursting with pink and red. And it was all so authentic and lovely. Not plastic and flimsy. Autumn was a little appalled over the golden cupid mirrors, but I knew it would look great. Besides, I had to fight an elderly lady for them, so I was going to hang them up.

I think it turned out really cute. The kids had fun helping decorate so it made it even more worth the effort. My friend Chris always makes her house cozy and cute for each season. I think I was a little inspired by her. She finds the most whimsical and fun items to make things festive. I can see why she enjoys it so much! It's a great way to bring happiness to others.

I mean really...how could you NOT smile at those chubby, gold little guys holding hearts?!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chicken Blues


 Who would have thought it would be so difficult keeping chickens?

This is where I am at:

1. We have lost over 30 birds to what has been confirmed as Marek's virus.
2. They were supposed to have been vaccinated so why did they ALL get it?
3. The vaccine does not give full immunity and there are many strains.
4.. The virus lives for years in the soil so all new birds are at risk.
5. Young birds are especially at risk.
6. But we brought in older birds and they also died.
7. I now have to decide how to best start this all over again.
8. I am ready to bang my head against a brick wall.
9. Maybe goats could be fun.
10. I know very little.

     Ok, so I was all excited to bring in baby chicks from a hatchery. I had planned on keeping them in a brood box until they were older and then would put them in the hen house. But what if I went through all that and they still got sick? I read lots of books...no answer. I talked to the poultry vet at the Dept. of Agriculture and he said I needed laying hens to be safe. He said if I vaccinate the babies a second time the vaccine will not match the first one and will do no good. SO......I called the hatchery to order pullets and they said for 15 hens it would cost me $450.00!!! Well that was not going to work because....WHAT IF THEY JUST UP AND DIED????!!!!

     My mom's boyfriend knows the chicken caretaker at a huge local chicken farm which shall remain nameless. He told me he could get me some adult hens for FIVE BUCKS each. He said he would have to go with me though, because the caretaker did not speak English and I would need an interpreter. Also, it was under the table so I was told to keep it hush hush. Really? Do any of you have to go through this in order to get chickens? Undercover hens sold at midnight by a caretaker wearing a mask? I am at the end of the line though, and so I told him I was in and to please set up a meeting time.

    But I wanted a few more opinions on this decision so I literally googled,


I came up with a Dr. Bruce in Bellevue who had been in the newspaper because of his amazing wisdom in regard to poultry. I called his office and told the secretary my sob story. I asked if he would do a phone consultation. She said he would call me back the next day. And he DID. He said it confused him as to why all of my chickens died and I told him welcome to my world. I explained we babied our hens and gave them back rubs and little vitamins but they still kicked the bucket. I told him I have searched high and low for people selling chickens but nobody wants to part with them. (Or they are afraid to give them to me.) He agreed it is hard to find laying hens because who wants to part with them after putting that much time and money into them to get them to the egg stage? He then asked me how many I was looking for. I told him around 15. He said,

     "Well....you are in luck because I am selling 15 chickens who are just getting ready to start laying. You can have them for $8.00 each. They were vaccinated twice and are really healthy."

     I happened to be talking to the vet in the car while Scott was driving. I was smacking his arm and mouthing the word, "JACKPOT."

     This weekend we will go get the chickens. I am a little sad to not have the chance to give some older hens a nice home after living in a factory, but if these chickens live then maybe we can add some of them in. If these chickens die, I guess I am going to have to give up. My neighbor said I could use a small part of her field to house a few chickens. I may end up taking her up on it. She lives right across the road, so I don't see why hers live and mine don't. Such a mystery. It was nice of her to offer though. We will just have to see how it goes.

I just don't think it should be this hard. Dr. Bruce said he has never seen a whole flock die from Marek's. And why did they go one at a time a month apart? We have had the well and soil tested. They died while in their fenced area and while free ranging.  Maybe it's the linoleum in the hen house?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Portlandia Chicken Clip. HAHAHA!

     I think the reason we laugh at  things is because we can relate to them. When I saw this clip it felt so familiar...In fact, Scott told me to brace myself before he showed me because he knew I would howl. I can't tell you how many times Scott has slunk down in his chair while listening to me order. The waiter is way more grilled than the food when I am at a restaurant. I want to make sure the fish is wild, not farmed. I need the water to be filtered and have no fluoride added. I want the beef to be free range and the eggs to have been hatched by chickens who run free. I try to  be balanced about it, but since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I find most people are fine with my requests because they are so used to it.

     A few years ago we took an RV trip around Texas for Logos Bible Software. It was so much fun traveling to a new city each day and experiencing their local fare. But when I would ask those questions, the waiters would either laugh in my face, or they would stare blankly. I was in BEEF country and I wanted to know if the cows were emotionally stable? I tend to forget we live in a unique pocket of the world where organic, free range and buying local are everyday concepts. Where it's cool to be earthy, and care about where our meat was raised and if it had a happy life. I am not saying other places don't have those kinds of people, it's just that it is the norm here. And when I travel away from home, I feel sometimes like an alien.
A tree hugging, certified organic, webbed footed, non-creased clothing, alien.

(And I am mild compared to some of my friends. And I do say that out of envy, not disdain. I am too unorganized to be totally green.)

I was shopping in the Co-Op recently next to a guy who was barefoot and had horns. We chatted about fish oil and he told me I had too many kids. I told him you could give each person on the planet 1/4 acre in Texas and to pipe down. Eccentric is mainstream here. If you want to really stand out in Whatcom County, then refuse to recycle, iron your clothing,  and eat hot pockets.

This clip is hilarious...it's set in Portland but these guys could easily be "Hamsters."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simply Autumn

I am writing a post for no reason other than to say how cute Autumn is playing her guitar. I took a couple of pictures of her while she was playing today. I was thinking to myself,

"How do I keep from squeezing you?"

And while I am at it, I should just state, she is a cute drummer girl too. And not just cute, but working hard at both instruments! As I write this, I am sitting in a cold classroom at the top of a mountain in Canada waiting for her drumming lesson to finish. My fingers are freezing and I can see my breath. Ok, I am being a bit dramatic...but it is quite the trek each week.

All my kids take my breath away, but today it was Autumn that was melting me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beau's Snow Run

       We all enjoyed being snowed in today. We spent most of our time laying around the fireplace watching "The Office." It was nice, but things were getting boring. Beau looked out the kitchen window and asked us if we would give him ten bucks if he ran around the field in his underwear. My first response was NO because it is -5 degrees with windchill. Kyle suggested I could blog about it. I said,

"True, things have been a bit slow around here."

      So, we all agreed to pitch in two bucks to see Beau run around the field.This is the kid who lived for the Polar Bear Swim each year. I love him. He makes life so much fun. The world could use a few more people like Beau, but unfortunately, he is ONE OF A KIND.

      He took off his clothes and got a roll of Scotch Tape to close the flap on his underwear. He used three strips of tape so carefully. I thought that was really good planning, but didn't know if it would hold up. He was barefoot which worried me but I didn't think he would be out there too long. When the door opened, it was so cold I couldn't even step outside! He is carrying his pants because he thought we might lock him out when he was done. How sad is THAT?! He took off running....well wait. I will just post the video. I hate to admit I had tears in my eyes when he fell, and not from sadness.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mad Gab

                                                      I really love family game night.

1. It is so unpredictable around here.
2. I love to laugh. And that we do.

    We played Mad Gab for the first time. When I heard the rules it sounded SO lame. I didn't think it would be fun or entertaining in the least. It sounded too simple. Each team has two minutes to sound out three puzzles. The puzzles, also known as mondegreens contain small words that when put together make phrases. The faster you answer, the more you score.  It sounded easy enough but it was much harder than I anticipated. For some reason when you say the mumbo jumbo words you can't hear it properly because you are reading it. For example, "Eye Mull Of Musheen" would be "I'm a Love Machine." Well, the funny part is the people who are not guessing can usually decipher it.  Below is a video of Kyle trying to guess, but he was NOT hearing it. It made me laugh so hard.  The puzzle was:

Fir Stay Dins Trucked Her

                        .....But I can't say much because I did the same thing as Kyle on my turn. Thankfully nobody video taped me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grace. With a Capital G.

       The New Year has arrived and I have been trying to pinpoint the theme of my life right now. For one, it is that little girl in the picture. She has changed us all for the better and I am thankful beyond words for her. Being a Mommy to a baby was a huge shift for me. Going back to strollers and diaper bags was a shock! What a blessing she is. What a gift. I often just look at her and think, "How on EARTH did I get you??!" Really, she shouts God's Love to me daily and for that I am so grateful...

 But what have I been learning?  What is shaping me and changing me? The main thing is Grace. I never really understood it. But that doesn't mean it wasn't at work in my life. I just never gave it much thought. But it is changing how I live now that I am thinking about it. It is changing how I treat others. It it transforming my marriage, and helping me parent our children. Giving grace sort of freaked me out because I thought it was like giving others (and myself) a free ticket to mess up. I was so wrong. Giving grace is loving the way God loves, forgiving the way He forgives. It has been so helpful in parenting and has given me a lot more peace. It is an exercises in faith, and that is often times harder than all the parenting techniques under the sun. It's telling My children to run straight to their Savior when they fail. He is there everytime....

(taken by Beau 4/08)

       With most situations in my kid's lives I've learned I either need to train them, nurture them or just remind them of God's promises. Sometimes they need clear instruction in order to help their lives run smoother. Other times they need some talking to about behavior or some discipline for their actions. To be reminded of why they need a Savior so very much because they cannot behave on their own strength. Many times they are just bummed out and need to have their hearts nurtured. It's a cruel world out there, and at times they simply need a kind ear and a big hug. Those are the times I need to remind them of the many promises of God. The tricky part is knowing what is needed most at any given moment! And I know that all the faithful parenting in the world is no sure fire way to produce well behaved, God fearing children. It's only the Grace of God that does that. Imagine if it was all my doing that could make or break them. No thanks...

      At times, rules seem much safer and grace feels sort of dangerous, but after a while we start to feel trapped by our inability to follow all of the rules perfectly. Then we feel like failures when we realize rules (or the law) isn't enough to save us. For me...it's a scary feeling letting go. I want a safety net and I love trying to weave a great big one around my kids. But there is nothing I can do beyond what God has already done. I had always viewed my relationship with God kind of like a "work contract." and not one of a Loving Father and a beloved child. How tiring is that? I now work hard because I love Him, I work hard because I want to bless my family, but I do not work hard because I think I can earn anything. I am nothing without Him and I know it. (Ok, sometimes I catch myself trying to prove myself still, but I readjust. It's a process.)

      When people tell me my kids are so wonderful, I just thank God. I know better than to think I should take the credit. Being self-reliant never got me anywhere. Except pretty tuckered-out. And you know what? It's so freeing releasing myself from the burden of being solely responsible for my child's lifelong happiness and success. It's just too heavy for me. TIMES FIVE! Now, I know I have a part, and I do try to daily do my best. But my best isn't good enough all the time, so it's then I need God's strength, wisdom, and peace.

      And what about those who are struggling with children who are rebelling and making poor choices in life? I have many friends who are trying so hard and doing all the right things and feel so discouraged by their children's choices. Remind them God works in even these hard situations. Remind them that in our brokenness and in our weakness we experience the comfort of His strength. Tell them that loving your children in spite of their wrongdoings is an exact picture of God's love to us, his sinful, rebellious children. God loves His enemies and lays His life down for them. Loving wayward children teaches us the gospel. We get to love like He loved. So tell them to hang on tight to the message of forgiveness and that weakness is always where sustaining faith is produced. No matter how hopeless it looks, cling to Him! This is a journey. A marathon. Each step is effort, but filled with joy as I find myself more and more dependent on Him. It's odd, Paul seemed to be thrilled and even brag about his weakness, but we usually try like crazy to hide the fact we are weak. Just be weak...wimp out and let your Father carry you. Admit it, you are beat.

I want to Mother My children well. I want them to grow up and know that they know that they know, that I love them. But more than that, I want them to know God loves them. No matter what. I want them to know that Grace isn't something they work for or earn from God. God looks at us, wretched as we are, and instead of punishing us, he loves us and blesses us. I am patient because I need patience. I love them all the more because I have been so abundantly loved. I am quick to forgive because I have been forgiven. Grace magnifies mercy! I love that we are humbly growing in grace with our children. It's okay if we don't fully understand the breadth of it. It still works! I am glad that I don't have to give my kids the exact right words they need to hear so they understand the gospel. They may need to hear that I am also learning and relying on the Holy Spirit right along with them. I can't change their hearts for the better, I can't even change mine. So I wait, and pray, and manage and nurture, while God perfects His work in their lives. Being transparent and open with our children allows them to see we are on this journey with them. We do not have to pretend to have all the answers of have it all figured out. I have messed up so much lately and at times I want to just sit down and cry my head off. I look at our kids and think, "Wow, I have really messed them up."  I feel tempted to just put on the happy face and make up excuses for my behavior to my kids.( So maybe I won't make God look bad.) But God can handle His own reputation, He doesn't need me. So I find myself more and more looking at those little faces I love so much and saying,

 "I am just really messing up here and I need God's help. I am sorry I have hurt you with my actions, and I am just going to keep at it and ask for God's help because it is all I can do."

I love these verses. We will never love or parent perfectly. When we need of big time help, and we are just plain tired out and feeling like we can't take another step in the right direction, God will give us His promised Grace. And with that Grace, comes Peace.

1 Peter 5:5-11

English Standard Version (ESV)
5 Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, 7 casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9 Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. 10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. 11 To him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen

Humility is an open door to grace. When I realize that there is nothing I can really do to renew or change my kids hearts it humbles me. There are days I feel like a total failure. I think I need those days in order to realize how much I need God. We aren't perfect examples because there is only One perfect example. And He takes our failures and uses them for His glory. I look back, and am amazed at the terrible mess I made of things. Seriously, I have been a complete fool and made such bad choices. I took things into my own hands and made everything so much worse. But He opened my hands, took my failures, and dropped them at the cross. Done.

My Father looks at me, and sees His perfect Son. If that ain't Good News, I don't know what is...

 Only He can turn ugly, sinful, messes into a thing of great beauty.

Think of the Cross....
It was the worst thing to happen in the history of mankind.
It makes me shudder when I think of it...
Killing God...
And what came of it?

Monday, January 9, 2012

MOB Tales

   Today was such a fun day. We went to the Wedding Expo in Bellingham. It was a nice Mother/Daughter time together. Her Maid Of Honor also joined us. We were told that the first 50 brides would receive a "swag bag" made out of wedding dresses. We raced there early hoping to we weren't going to miss out. We stood in line only to find out it was the first 50 brides to register online, not the first 50 brides at the door. Tayler did get a bag but we could have strolled in three hours AFTER it started and still got one.

 We had to laugh though. We didn't quite know why we were there other than to enjoy the sights, and to discuss how much better we liked our ideas than the ones we saw displayed. I had my rubber chicken bag on my arm (much to Tayler's horror) and I spent most of my time telling the vendors where I got it, why I had it, and then it always went into my chicken stories that I tell everywhere I go.  I am a chicken bard who travels around spouting sonnets about poultry. (Or lack of) It never gets old. I am the modern,  female, American version of Robert Burns.

 I love this picture of Tayler and my purse. It reminds me of those old Godzilla movies.

The vendors always ask if you still need to book services. Each time we said sweetly,

 "Yes...we already have a venue."


 "Yes, we already have a photographer."


"Yes, we already have flowers."

They would look at us like, Then move it along gals.

I think we were only there for the tiny samples of cake. Cake we didn't want to order because we already have a bakery making ours.  I was happy the casino was giving away chap stick. And I even got to try tomato jello with basil cream on top. (gag)  I had a cake pop sample but as I was biting into it I noticed a long grey hair stuck to it. I took it back to the lady and she gave me another. I had sorta lost my appetite for it but I took it. I went to bite into it and there, floating below my nose, was another hair. I just tossed it. Thankfully our friend makes great cake pops without fur.

 We took lots of  flyers and got pictures taken in the photo booths. (Yes, that is already booked also.)

 We did book one vendor. And I am SO EXCITED. We love the Upfront Theatre. It's owned by Ryan Stiles and is a great source of local fun around here. We are there a LOT. In fact, we told the guy at the booth we were surprised he didn't recognize us. He asked me to laugh to see if it sparked a memory. So I did.


With my rubber chicken purse on my arm.
Surrounded by prim and proper women tasting hairy cake.

 He said he totally knew us after that. We booked them for the reception. He told us to come in this week to put down a deposit. I was worried they would get booked up and said I could pay it then. He assured me it would be fine. He took my name and sent himself an email TWICE so he would not forget to save our date.

 We watched the fashion show, which was nice. I got misty eyed imagining Tayler in her dress. After a while we were noticing a lot of the dresses looked alike. Nothing was really that unique. (Especially the Mother of the Bride gowns. I really don't want to wear a gold, square, dress.) Tayler just has that vintage theme going, and it's very rustic. Lot's of lace, and ragged edges on things.  Most of what we saw felt flashy and bright. Which is great for many people, but it wasn't what we had been working with so it didn't really capture our attention. But fashion shows are always fun. They are upbeat, and with anything live there is always a chance for something exciting to take place.

 Here is a screen shot of Tayler and I texting during the show. One bride was a little too showy in our opinion. But not where you necessarily want to show. This made me laugh when I later looked at it.

    We had Indian food afterward because my niece came here recently and cooked Indian food for us and now it's the only kind of food I want. We are obsessed with it. I wish that restaurant had been at the Expo. I would have loved some samosa samples!

But we already have a caterer....

Monday, January 2, 2012

One Year With Havensong

Here is a year in a glance with our baby. It has flown by so fast. I can't quite believe it. We waited so long for her but when she arrived it seemed she was always here. I can't imagine life without her. She is joyous, and funny and so sweet. We all pretty much adore every move she makes. She is starting to cuddle more, and we all love that. She gives kisses all day long. I sometimes can hardly stand how cute she is. Really, I don't know how I take it most days. I just stare at her in amazement. (But my mom tells me I did that with all my babies.) I guess you could say she is a dream baby. Perfect  fifth child. (Thank you Lord!)

 I love how these pictures show how she blossoms as time passes. Little beauty...