Monday, January 9, 2012

MOB Tales

   Today was such a fun day. We went to the Wedding Expo in Bellingham. It was a nice Mother/Daughter time together. Her Maid Of Honor also joined us. We were told that the first 50 brides would receive a "swag bag" made out of wedding dresses. We raced there early hoping to we weren't going to miss out. We stood in line only to find out it was the first 50 brides to register online, not the first 50 brides at the door. Tayler did get a bag but we could have strolled in three hours AFTER it started and still got one.

 We had to laugh though. We didn't quite know why we were there other than to enjoy the sights, and to discuss how much better we liked our ideas than the ones we saw displayed. I had my rubber chicken bag on my arm (much to Tayler's horror) and I spent most of my time telling the vendors where I got it, why I had it, and then it always went into my chicken stories that I tell everywhere I go.  I am a chicken bard who travels around spouting sonnets about poultry. (Or lack of) It never gets old. I am the modern,  female, American version of Robert Burns.

 I love this picture of Tayler and my purse. It reminds me of those old Godzilla movies.

The vendors always ask if you still need to book services. Each time we said sweetly,

 "Yes...we already have a venue."


 "Yes, we already have a photographer."


"Yes, we already have flowers."

They would look at us like, Then move it along gals.

I think we were only there for the tiny samples of cake. Cake we didn't want to order because we already have a bakery making ours.  I was happy the casino was giving away chap stick. And I even got to try tomato jello with basil cream on top. (gag)  I had a cake pop sample but as I was biting into it I noticed a long grey hair stuck to it. I took it back to the lady and she gave me another. I had sorta lost my appetite for it but I took it. I went to bite into it and there, floating below my nose, was another hair. I just tossed it. Thankfully our friend makes great cake pops without fur.

 We took lots of  flyers and got pictures taken in the photo booths. (Yes, that is already booked also.)

 We did book one vendor. And I am SO EXCITED. We love the Upfront Theatre. It's owned by Ryan Stiles and is a great source of local fun around here. We are there a LOT. In fact, we told the guy at the booth we were surprised he didn't recognize us. He asked me to laugh to see if it sparked a memory. So I did.


With my rubber chicken purse on my arm.
Surrounded by prim and proper women tasting hairy cake.

 He said he totally knew us after that. We booked them for the reception. He told us to come in this week to put down a deposit. I was worried they would get booked up and said I could pay it then. He assured me it would be fine. He took my name and sent himself an email TWICE so he would not forget to save our date.

 We watched the fashion show, which was nice. I got misty eyed imagining Tayler in her dress. After a while we were noticing a lot of the dresses looked alike. Nothing was really that unique. (Especially the Mother of the Bride gowns. I really don't want to wear a gold, square, dress.) Tayler just has that vintage theme going, and it's very rustic. Lot's of lace, and ragged edges on things.  Most of what we saw felt flashy and bright. Which is great for many people, but it wasn't what we had been working with so it didn't really capture our attention. But fashion shows are always fun. They are upbeat, and with anything live there is always a chance for something exciting to take place.

 Here is a screen shot of Tayler and I texting during the show. One bride was a little too showy in our opinion. But not where you necessarily want to show. This made me laugh when I later looked at it.

    We had Indian food afterward because my niece came here recently and cooked Indian food for us and now it's the only kind of food I want. We are obsessed with it. I wish that restaurant had been at the Expo. I would have loved some samosa samples!

But we already have a caterer....

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