Monday, January 16, 2012

Mad Gab

                                                      I really love family game night.

1. It is so unpredictable around here.
2. I love to laugh. And that we do.

    We played Mad Gab for the first time. When I heard the rules it sounded SO lame. I didn't think it would be fun or entertaining in the least. It sounded too simple. Each team has two minutes to sound out three puzzles. The puzzles, also known as mondegreens contain small words that when put together make phrases. The faster you answer, the more you score.  It sounded easy enough but it was much harder than I anticipated. For some reason when you say the mumbo jumbo words you can't hear it properly because you are reading it. For example, "Eye Mull Of Musheen" would be "I'm a Love Machine." Well, the funny part is the people who are not guessing can usually decipher it.  Below is a video of Kyle trying to guess, but he was NOT hearing it. It made me laugh so hard.  The puzzle was:

Fir Stay Dins Trucked Her

                        .....But I can't say much because I did the same thing as Kyle on my turn. Thankfully nobody video taped me.

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