Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beau's Snow Run

       We all enjoyed being snowed in today. We spent most of our time laying around the fireplace watching "The Office." It was nice, but things were getting boring. Beau looked out the kitchen window and asked us if we would give him ten bucks if he ran around the field in his underwear. My first response was NO because it is -5 degrees with windchill. Kyle suggested I could blog about it. I said,

"True, things have been a bit slow around here."

      So, we all agreed to pitch in two bucks to see Beau run around the field.This is the kid who lived for the Polar Bear Swim each year. I love him. He makes life so much fun. The world could use a few more people like Beau, but unfortunately, he is ONE OF A KIND.

      He took off his clothes and got a roll of Scotch Tape to close the flap on his underwear. He used three strips of tape so carefully. I thought that was really good planning, but didn't know if it would hold up. He was barefoot which worried me but I didn't think he would be out there too long. When the door opened, it was so cold I couldn't even step outside! He is carrying his pants because he thought we might lock him out when he was done. How sad is THAT?! He took off running....well wait. I will just post the video. I hate to admit I had tears in my eyes when he fell, and not from sadness.