Thursday, January 26, 2012

Portlandia Chicken Clip. HAHAHA!

     I think the reason we laugh at  things is because we can relate to them. When I saw this clip it felt so familiar...In fact, Scott told me to brace myself before he showed me because he knew I would howl. I can't tell you how many times Scott has slunk down in his chair while listening to me order. The waiter is way more grilled than the food when I am at a restaurant. I want to make sure the fish is wild, not farmed. I need the water to be filtered and have no fluoride added. I want the beef to be free range and the eggs to have been hatched by chickens who run free. I try to  be balanced about it, but since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I find most people are fine with my requests because they are so used to it.

     A few years ago we took an RV trip around Texas for Logos Bible Software. It was so much fun traveling to a new city each day and experiencing their local fare. But when I would ask those questions, the waiters would either laugh in my face, or they would stare blankly. I was in BEEF country and I wanted to know if the cows were emotionally stable? I tend to forget we live in a unique pocket of the world where organic, free range and buying local are everyday concepts. Where it's cool to be earthy, and care about where our meat was raised and if it had a happy life. I am not saying other places don't have those kinds of people, it's just that it is the norm here. And when I travel away from home, I feel sometimes like an alien.
A tree hugging, certified organic, webbed footed, non-creased clothing, alien.

(And I am mild compared to some of my friends. And I do say that out of envy, not disdain. I am too unorganized to be totally green.)

I was shopping in the Co-Op recently next to a guy who was barefoot and had horns. We chatted about fish oil and he told me I had too many kids. I told him you could give each person on the planet 1/4 acre in Texas and to pipe down. Eccentric is mainstream here. If you want to really stand out in Whatcom County, then refuse to recycle, iron your clothing,  and eat hot pockets.

This clip is's set in Portland but these guys could easily be "Hamsters."

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  1. OMG - I love it! I have seen some other trailers on this program, the sad part is I am not so sure it will go to far because west of the Mississippi is just now starting to recycle!
    hahaha I love who you are!