Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simply Autumn

I am writing a post for no reason other than to say how cute Autumn is playing her guitar. I took a couple of pictures of her while she was playing today. I was thinking to myself,

"How do I keep from squeezing you?"

And while I am at it, I should just state, she is a cute drummer girl too. And not just cute, but working hard at both instruments! As I write this, I am sitting in a cold classroom at the top of a mountain in Canada waiting for her drumming lesson to finish. My fingers are freezing and I can see my breath. Ok, I am being a bit dramatic...but it is quite the trek each week.

All my kids take my breath away, but today it was Autumn that was melting me.


  1. I sure love that girl... could she be any cuter? And what an amazing voice to boot!

  2. I know! She is so adorable. Haha, are we the only ones who will comment??? :) Who cares....we are supposed to think that!

  3. I care and she is so stinkin cute. You guys have an awesome family. Can't wait to meet Havensong and Kyle.

  4. Ok.....I have tried to post twice and it that time Michelle posted. LoL......you two are amazing parents to give your children the opportunities to explore their passions and talents!! And yes she is the cutest thing!! - Love Cindee

  5. I'm sad it's so hard to post here. :/ Thank you guys! Love my friends.

  6. All of your family are awesome, but Autumn will always hold a special place in Ron and my hearts. She is not only a talented musician, she is one of the most caring young ladies I've ever known. I miss the days when she would come over and visit us. Keep up the drumming Autumn!

  7. From a Highland Dance teacher - Thanks for filling out the band, Autumn-the-Drummer! Without you, my littlest dancers would never be able to find the beat :-)

    1. Autumn used to Highland Dance too! Where do you teach at? Wait, do we know each other? :)