Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introducing Havensong.....

I am trying to properly form the words that are in my heart. I have been waiting for five years for our little girl to come home from China, but she has been in my heart much longer than that.

I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with a dear family while I was in High School. They had adopted the sweetest, most beautiful little girl from Korea. I was so taken with her. Her smile melted my heart, and her adorable laugh made my day. She was a blessing to everyone around her. I truly felt that there couldn't be anything cuter in existence. She even had a birthmark shaped like a tiny pink heart. I loved all of the fun times I spent with her and her family. I knew that I would one day also adopt.

Our paper work was logged for our adoption on September 13th, 2006. As most of you know, China adoptions have slowed down for various reasons. This has resulted in a very long wait. Rules were starting to change, and our paper work was starting to expire. I wondered if this would ever really happen. I began to question things. But I felt God had put her in my heart so long ago, and she had been tucked safely there all this time. Just as snug and cozy and real as my other children were in my womb.

We made the decision to switch to the Special Needs program. Our agency had become certified in November to represent special need children so we had a new option. I got a call from our agency while we were on Friday Harbor in the San Jaun Islands. We were sitting there with our friends eating ice cream by the water. I didn't know that after that phone call my life would forever change. They told us about a 7 month old little girl who was available. She was on the Special Needs list because she was very small. She was measuring in the less then 5%. They asked if we were interested. We asked them to send her information and her photo. I marched into a store that same minute and bought a charm necklace with the kids' names on it, including Haven. I felt she was the one. I just knew it. I wasn't even afraid to hope. That's how sure I was.

We didn't receive her info until the next morning. When I saw her serious little face in the photo I got chills. She was so cute. So small. So mine.

We didn't know her name yet. We were waiting for that still, along with her medical file. Autumn and I have a book we like to read. In the book is a Chinese girl named Song. I always thought I would love it if our baby could be named Song. It sounds so pretty. When the director called to say he sent the file I told him how happy I would be if her name could be Song. That it would mean this was the little girl God set aside. I clicked the file and it said

Song Zihan

I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew that despite the fact that the timing of this was a bit overwhelming, that she was for us. I laughed out loud all day. Is God really THAT GOOD?

Evidently He is...because we said yes. China sent the pre-approval in four days. We received the official referral today. I told the kids to watch out for the Fed Ex truck because I HAD to take  picture of the them delivering the package. I was doing dishes when Chase and his friend, Wes came running in with the letter.

"NOOOOO!!!" I yelled and grabbed it. I lept down the steps to stop the driver. She stopped and climbed out of her truck.
"I need a picture of you! Please!" I said.
She looked skeptical.
"You are sort of like the stork!" I explained.
"Well, not really the stork, but maybe like the ultra-sound guy" I went on...
"Not that women don't perform ultra-sounds..I didn't mean that..." She nodded.
"You have just brought me my baby from CHINA. She is in this envelope!  And I think I am supposed to take your picture with it....Thank you!"

I took the picture and she told me she understood. She said she delivers real little babies in a box to In Vitro parents. She said she even says hello to two of them on a regular basis because they are now three and five.

I promised her I would bring Havensong out to meet her. Oh...I forgot to tell you! We are going to keep both of her names. We just made it one. I think it is beautiful! And she will be here next month....

And I have tears streaming down my cheeks just thinking about it....

Havensong...  <3



  1. Mikki-
    THis is so wonderful! What a great story. And she's a doll. Perfect.

  2. Oh my gosh Michelle! I am so glad you called to tell me the story before I saw it here, but I have tears again all the same. We do serve an awesome God - and given the chance He does care enough to make our dreams come true. I believe you and Scott will be wonderful parents to her, just as you have to your biological children. She will be loved beyond compare and God will do great things with her. Love you guys! Congratulations!

  3. ...and I have tears streaming down mine because I am so happy for you guys. God is so good.

  4. Oh, I got goosebumps reading this!! This is amazing. I'm so happy for you guys. I love how perfect God's timing is. This little girl is the one He had in mind for you.

  5. Next month?!?! Wowee!!

    SO excited for you guys..

    which reminds me that I have something yet to tell you, too!

  6. We missed your call, but now know that it's all said and done and that precious child is ours. Another grandchild to touch our hearts, another child to watch as she grows, another reminder of God's miracles.
    Scott and Michelle, thank you for loving her so much as to wait all of these years for her. Your patience is rewarded.
    Mom and Dad

  7. We serve an awesome God and if we are patient enough to wait upon Him and His timing,He will bless us even greater than we could ever hope. Because you waited and were unmoving in you faith that it would happen, He gave you a wonderful treasure and gift to bring such love and joy to your lives. She is so precious and I love her name, it so suits her and I believe it was given of the Father. Bless you both and your family.

    Love Aunt Pat(Bayliss)

  8. What a beautiful thing to happen when you so least expected it. Love her picture...she is definitely a keeper. I am sure this month will go by slowly in some respects but will be here before you know it.

    I hope to meet her some day when we are at Northwood.

    When do you and Scott go to China?

  9. Michelle, so glad you are mine and so excited to be a Daddy again to Havensong. I am a blessed man. Love you...

  10. OMG...What a "wonderful life"...yours and hers...she will thank you all forever!!!! Love you...Aunt Cindy

  11. Wow what an incredible adventure! Thanks so much for sharing your story with the world =)

  12. Love you too Aunt Cindy! And Thanks for all of the kind comments. <3

  13. Mikki, I am so happy for you and so sure of our God's gracious giftings. Thanks for sharing. Troutmans

  14. This is AMAZING! Britt and I were just thinking about you guys and the kids, and are excited to be praying for a new addition! :-) We love you guys! Joel and Britt