Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Reasons I Love My Husband

   I told my husband he should support my writing more. He told me when he sees some writing he will happily support it. He has a valid point there. I love to write, but wonder if I have anything to say that has not already been said under the sun. I have lately  felt more than defeated, a tiny bit crazy, a lot lazy, and mildly cynical. What kind of audience would that draw?! But, I told Scott I would just write, so here is my new start. And maybe I will get back to book chapters, magazine submissions, and journal entries.

I am in the process of switching over to so I figure I better get a handle on my attitude before I start a new project. I would like to make a difference, share love for others, live the gospel, and be inspiring. So, I spent most of the night looking at blogs. I wanted to see what people are reading these days in the blogosphere. There are some amazing websites out there, like Ann Voskamp and Jennifer Smith. I love Ann's poetic style. Sometimes her words strike such a deep chord in me, I can only whisk away the tears. Jennifer's authentic way of connecting to people is refreshing and feels safe. She clearly is a blessing to many women.

But there are many that just don't sit well with me. And well, mostly make me want to yak. They are  fluffy and so "You are God's Princess." I don't want to receive a sparkly crown in the mail with I order their book. Where on earth would I wear a crown? Safeway?

  Honestly, I would like to see some posts about how failure is an everyday occurrence but God redeems. About lack of faith or naughty kids but God's Grace saves the day.  I know hope shines brightly in those moments, and frankly it's refreshing to see someone else get angry besides the the person in my mirror. As I scrolled through the lists, I saw countless plastic smiles and perfect hair do's.  I read dozens of blog posts titled:

  5 Reasons I Love My Husband."
7 Recipes To Wow Your Family

Lady, I know you are married to Mr. Wonderful.  But please tell me you want to accidentally punch him in the head some nights as you roll over in bed. Love him all you want, but don't tell me you live in fairy-tale-land all the live long day, because that just depresses your poor women readers ME.

 Lend some hope.
Throw me a bone.

Am I the only one who fights with Prince Charming? Are he and I so unique? Blessed with opposite personalities that make our home oh so colorful?

I happen to know that when you are in an ongoing, close relationship with another human being, there will be friction. It is going to happen. People fight. I just know it. No, you don't have to dump your glass of ice cold apple juice over your spouse's head in the heat of the moment, but if you do, could you at least have the decency to tell me about it?!

As much as I would like to, I just cannot have a recipe section on my new blog. I cannot make my 7 Amazing Recipes  look beautiful before, after and while I am cooking it. My fare will never be that pretty. I don't have those white little dishes to place my measured food in before I put it in the pan. My iphone would never do baked salmon justice anyway, unless I used Instagram, I guess. Then it would at least look retro or grunge. But I don't have time to write down all of the steps for people. When my friends and family want recipes, this is what we do. We take a picture and text it. WA-LA. I guess I could post these pictures on my blog.

     And I don't need 7 recipes anyway.  I just need 1 good one that I can make 7 times in a row.
     Without them knowing.

             The title of my post is 5 Reasons I Love My Husband, so I have decided to go with it.

1. He takes very good care of me. And us. He loves to provide for his family and is always going above and beyond to do thoughtful things. For instance, he ordered Autumn a fancy little nail kit so she can run a nail salon out of her bedroom for her friends. She gave me a manicure today. I love that he supports our kids interests and takes them seriously.
2. He loves God. That probably should have been number 1. But I am not doing this in order of importance. It's 2 AM.  He loves the Lord with all his heart and that love trickles down to his family. Mistakes are made, but as he likes to say, "When the fight breaks out, the first one to the cross wins."

3. He is giving. He has always given freely to others. To our friends, to our family and to strangers. He loves to help people and make their day a little brighter. Be it a coffee, a book, or a place to stay for the night. It is something that just comes naturally for him.

4. He is funny. I hate to even admit this. Because some of his jokes I have heard for 21 years. But he is quite jovial and when he gets going, he can make you cry or pee your pants from laughter. I guess it's one of the reasons I first loved him. One of my favorite things to do is get all cozy in bed after the kids are tucked in (around midnight at the Lindsey house) and watch the Office and laugh. It's so comforting smiling with Scott. And his dimple is very adorable. Except I sleep to the left of him and his dimple is on his right cheek. Hmmm. We may need to switch sides. If you look closely, you can see his dimple in the picture below.

5. He goes to Walmart and Costco for me. If you don't live in Whatcom county you just can't imagine what a sacrifice of love this is. It is an act of kindness to the nth degree. When he returns safely home with our paper towels and big sticks of butter, I just want to kiss him. He usually looks war torn and wide eyed, but he does it to save me the hassle and for that I love him. For that, it goes on this list.

  6. He is obsessive about shutting my dresser drawers. Seriously, what would I do without him keeping my clothing from getting chilly? He can be sitting at the kitchen table, and FEEL my drawers open. He will stand up, walk calmly to our room, and push his hip up against each drawer. Slam, slam, slam, slam. I often wonder if he even knows he does it. He is on a business trip now and I am sure he is twitching in his sleep. Why? (I am so laughing alone in our room right now.)

Oh wait, that was 6 reasons. But I am not sure that last one counted.


  1. I am with him... I hate draws open too... wanna close them SO bad :)
    I am forever doing that here...

  2. I completely agree with you. There is a lack genuineness out there. And I am glad you have someone that keeps your clothes from getting chilly. :D