Thursday, July 29, 2010

BGHS Tigers....20 YEARS.

I am heading down to Vancouver for my 20 year Reunion. It came a bit too fast. I remember thinking this milestone would take forever to arrive. But it actually feels like I took a couple of steps, turned around, and there went twenty years.

I have been thinking of High School and all of the things it was to me. My main focus was Choir and all that surrounded that. We had amazing times on those choir trips. I am surprised none of us got killed. We had a lot of freedom. Mr. White treated us like peers more than anything. I am afraid to bring any of the things we did up for fear my children will read this. I still get teary eyed when I think of us standing in that circle, in classrooms, gymnasiums, banks, rest homes, swimming pools, meat lockers, Disneyland, Canada, and anywhere else our choir happened to be.....singing the Irish Blessing. I am sure each and every choir member remembers that with the most tender heart.

My other love was Cheering. So what if  it's not a sport???  It was a blast. I loved the excitement of the band playing under those bright lights. The players busting through the Run Through that we worked all day making.  I loved my name...MIKKI .....painted on the front of my box. It just sat there waiting for me each Friday night. We were there for a common beat Prairie. I loved the bonfires we had before games when we would throw the Lumberjack into the flames. (Do they still do that?) I loved our big hair, and our Black and Orange leg ties....dancing to ACDC. I believe we were the only cheerleaders who did routines to "Shook Me All Night Long". Is it me....or was Battle Ground just way cool?

I loved that ramp down by my locker, and the full length mirror outside the bathroom...usually covered in lipstick. I remember the gummy worms stuck to the ceilings...I remember getting duct taped to a bike rack the first day of Freshman year....I remember the awe inspiring feeling of finally stepping into the Senior Lounge. I had a crush on Mr Blue, and Mr. Rinta. (I even asked Mr Rinta to a dance, but he politely declined. haha) I adored Mrs. Williams and was always AMAZED at the effortless way she walked in her heels. Mr Franklin was so sweet, and the algebra teacher who will remain nameless freaked me out to no end. Mr. Bruner was brilliant, and Mr. White was.....priceless.

I had the greatest friends. We had the best of times. We just didn't know how fast it would slip away.....we didn't know what a precious time it was. Just a tiny slice of our lives, but monumental.

I wish we would have had digital cameras back then. I hardly have any photos, unlike kids these days who have every second captured from birth on. And I cannot imagine how much fun it would have been to have cell phones! How did we survive without them???

I guess I better go finish packing. I honestly didn't think I cared too much about this reunion. But I am getting a bit misty eyed thinking of everyone I get to see. Facebook takes a bit of the surprise factor out, but it adds an element of anticipation. For instance, I can't wait to meet Mary McCorkle, and I hope and pray Mike Palensky brings that adorable little Lucy to the picnic on Sunday.

See you all Saturday......Go Tigers!


  1. Ohh the memories you have brought back for me. I sure wish I could be there for all of it this weekend but unfortunately I can not. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures. Hope you have a great time.

    Katie Goforth

  2. Katie....You will be missed!! :(

  3. It was great to finally meet you Michelle...Mikki LOL. Banning had a great time at the reunion & we're still enjoying looking at everyones photos. I too miss the high school days and can't imagine what it would have been like then to have the digital camera or cell phone! I think we were actually better off for NOT having them!! I still get goose bumps when Eye of the Tiger plays on the radio, thinking of sitting in the stadium, band pounding it out, cheerleaders chanting and being proud to be a Tiger!!! Thanks for sharing your memories! =)