Saturday, October 16, 2010

AAA Loves Me

I lose my keys on a daily basis. I  learned my lesson today....maybe. I lost them last night after we got back from running errands. Chase realized he forgot his candy in the van right as he came through the door and needed to go back out to get it. The keys were already long gone. He was having a mini melt down and I was checking my regular spots. The refrigerator, the dryer, the bathroom counter, the mud room floor. I went out to the van to see if they were on the seat. Nope. I gave up for the night, feeling a teeny bit frantic. I don't like being without wheels.

I told myself they would  pop up while I was cleaning. I finally accepted that with all of the nooks and crannies around here, they could be gone forever. Maybe they fell onto the floor of the van and I couldn't see them from outside. I didn't want to waste time looking in the house if that was the case. I decided it was time to call AAA. Yes, I was at a safe location  It's just that I really need to go to the pumkin patch, so could they please hurry, I asked her.

They guy came out and had the van unlocked in about ten seconds. The alarm starting blaring. But with no KEYS I couldn't turn it off. Right at this point Tayler's boyfriend, Kyle pulled up... smiling. The AAA guy asked me if we had the Classic or Plus membership. I didn't know. He asked for my card, but I told him I couldn't find it. I saw Kyle covering his smile out of the corner of my eye. Mind you, we are yelling the whole time because the horn was going off. He disconnected the battery, and told me he could come out Monday and make a new key for $300.00 dollars. I kicked myself for not going to make a spare key for $3.00. Ugh........

I decided to inspire the kids to help me. I told them I would give $20.00 to anyone who found the keys. It was better than paying $300.00 to a total stranger. (Don't judge me...bribery works) Right as the words left my mouth Kyle said,

"What are those?"

There, in plain view, were my keys on a dining room chair. The chair wasn't even pushed under the table, it was up against the wall for the world to see. I stood there blinking....I had walked by there dozens of times.

"Ok! You get $20.00 Kyle..." He shook his head and told me to consider it a gift. Two things went through my head.

1) I am thankful it was Kyle who found them. My own offspring would have told me to cough up the cash.

2) I am going to make a spare key. TODAY.

I looked out the window and saw the brake lights of the AAA truck pulling onto the main road. I am glad he wasn't here to witness the finding of the keys the second he left. It's better he doesn't know he wasted 30 minutes of his life.


  1. I had to finally get a little cup and put it right beside my computer which is right in front of the front door, and I put my keys and my hospital name tag in it. I have to be a little manic about it- like can't carry anything else in with the hand with the keys, can't do anything until they are deposited in the cup! I have to have my name tag, I can't get in the door at night at the hospital without it and it is also how we clock in- big hassle without it! This has helped a lot, I almost never forget them or lose them- note the almost!
    Another little story- I once called Rob to come help me, at almost midnight, all the way in Bellingham because my car wouldn't start. I thought I'd tried everything and about the time he was half way there, I realized my car was in drive... uh oh, bad sinking feeling! So I left it in drive, waited for him to get there, showed him that it wouldn't start, waited for him to tinker a little under the hood, shifted it into park and magically it started-yeay, he fixed it, my hero! I only finally admitted to that one just a couple months ago.. LOL
    No way was I telling him at the time he wasted all that time driving into bellingham at midnight for nothing!