Monday, October 4, 2010

Camp Out Sleep Over

Autumn decided to have a Camp Out for her birthday party. I thought it sounded like a fun idea. She went with my friend Wendy to pick out her decorations. She came back with red and black. That is what she wanted, but I thought it was a bit scary looking. I would have talked her into brown and green, or any other color combination possible. Wendy told me they had a plan to make it look like a camp fire. I knew my feelings about it were correct when Tayler pulled the stuff out of the bag and said,

"Wow, what's with the devil party decorations?"

I asked her if it was really that bad. She said it was pretty freaky. It didn't seem very little girlish. The thing is, we have no party store in town, and I didn't have the time or energy to go exchange it in Bellingham. The Old Me would have had a melt down over it and just done it anyway. But I am trying to let little things slide. You know, the Grand Scheme Of Things and all. Besides, Wendy said she had a plan. The red foil grass looked like fire. (Yes, and that was scary to me) But she said she would bring sticks with marshmallows on them to put on the table. Fine......Tayler went to the store for white streamers to cheer it up a bit. It helped....a little.

I was busy making the Sleep Over Cake. It was a sheet cake with four girls on it. The bodies were made from Twinkies, the heads were Vanilla Wafers, and the pillows were Marshmallows. They had cute little decorated faces and little jelly belly feet. It all would have been perfect had it not been for the other theme we had going on.  I walked the cake over to the table covered with the black table cloth. Sure enough, there were broken sticks over the fake fire. As I set the cake down it was very clear to me I had just combined two different themes. Suddenly their little faces looked afraid. Pleading with me to pick them up and fast. I had just set them on top of  burning sticks. My Sleep Over Cake now looked like a tiny human sacrifice cake! What could I do?? I was out of time! Maybe it was just my imagination....Still, I met the parents at the door so they wouldn't see the table and take their children back out to the cars. Tayler said we should have put BYOD on the invitations.

Bring Your Own Dove.

Very Funny.

I was so glad to get to cake time so I could remove the decorations. Sometimes you just don't see a plan unfolding incorrectly until it's too late. The girls didn't seem to notice. I do love theire faces in the first picture though! SO serious. So afraid.
Here, I will add one more to prove it was a light hearted and happy time for all.


  1. Okay I just laughed for about 10 minutes over this. Soooo funny! This new "Human Sacrifice" Birthday Theme will be all the rage.

  2. I am glad you could see the humor! I was worried. I added a funny

  3. LOL I am dying laughing. Too, too funny!
    "Human sacrifice cake"! LOL

    Of course the kids didn't notice anything amiss- Black for the night time, red for the fire- the best part of a campout... I get it!

    It looks like they had a great time, good job for letting it go!