Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lost Tooth?

Many times things are not as they appear. I have been known to freak out about a situation before I have all of the details. ( I can hear hundreds of heads nodding.) It's easy to get frustrated with other people when they jump to conclusions, but we all do it. Sometimes it can make you really mad. Other times it can be hilarious. The other day Chase made me laugh...hard.

I was in my bedroom and I heard him yelling my name at the top of his lungs. It's always a sound that gives me the shivers. I hate that desperate tone a child can get in their voice when they are melting down. You know the scene:
The first thing you do is look for blood..
The second thing you do is look for bones protruding out of their bodies.
This time he had Havensong in his arms and was flying through the house. Everyone looked fine but his eyes were like dinner plates. He was gasping for breath and she was holding on for dear life. Her legs her wrapped around his narrow torso and her arms were around his neck. But she looked pretty happy to be there.

"MOOOOOOOOOOM!" He was yelling. "Havensong lost a toooooooth!"

I grabbed her and held her mouth eye level to me. Nothing. She was just staring at me calmly.

"No, she didn't" I said. I set her back down.

"Yes she DID, it fell out of her mouth and it's right here! She lost a molar!" He said.

Sure enough, in his hand was a tooth. A big tooth. I knelt down and stuck my finger in her mouth to see if her molars were still there. They were intact, and there was no sign of mishap. No blood, no cut lip, to tears. Just her, smiling at me. She was trying to chomp my finger while I moved it over her back teeth. She kept looking back and forth between us as we talked. I think she knew she was the reason for the emotional outburst, but she wasn't totally following. Right about then Autumn came marching up with her hands on her hips. She yelled,

"Chase! That is not Havensong's tooth. That is MY tooth and I lost it like three days ago. She must have found it on the floor and tried to eat it."

Well, that was a good explanation. Chase stood there looking bewildered. All of the wind left his little sails, and he stood there, confused and relieved. And the baby, well she just looked plain amused.