Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blowing Blocks

Havensong is settling in so well. It seems that over last few months she has relaxed. She is less worried about where everyone is at and more interested in exploring and playing. I am glad she went through a clingy phase so we know she is attached to us, but it's nice to see her busy with her toys and books too.

I didn't realize how much she had changed until I was looking at videos of he from a few months ago. She has blossomed so much. Not only is she as sweet as can be, she is funny. She loves to laugh, that's for certain. Her new thing is blowing everything over. She will spend hours stacking things up and then blowing them down. Today her blocks were a bit too heavy so she had to help it along. Chase was helping her and laughing his head off and she really loved that. If she has an audience, she really steps up the charm. I am pretty sure she thinks all clapping is strictly because of her.

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