Monday, July 18, 2011

You Know You're A Redneck....

If your Grandma cuts your hair with dog clippers.

My Mom stopped by today on our way to get a haircut for Chase. She was here to groom Rosie and said she could do Chase too. I thought that sounded wonderful so I drug the kids back into the house. Well, that saved me twelve bucks! In this economy you have to cut corners wherever possible. Chase was a good sport and it turned out great. I think my mom could start a mobile pet/kid hair cutting service.
I got such a kick out her even using the dog combs. She disinfected first, of course. Chase's big eyes were priceless. I am telling you, I felt so happy to not have to leave the house with the baby and go to Great Clips. Ahhhhh....

So if you have Poodles or Kids... my mom can groom them all.


  1. I Like your Mom! : ) Cute haircut, too.

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