Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chicken Party

The chickens are still alive!! 

I think it calls for a celebration. I haven't wanted to jinx things so I haven't talked much about them lately. I found a poultry vet in Bellevue who agreed to sell us his chickens. He promised they were strong and healthy. I didn't really believe it. I figured it would take mere weeks before they started kicking the bucket. Nope! They are doing great. I brought them out a cake just to say thank you for staying alive.

Not really. I brought it out because Autumn took a cake decorating class and we forgot her cake in the downstairs refrigerator for a month. It's not that we didn't appreciate her work. It was more that we couldn't bear to ruin such beauty.  Nobody seemed very thrilled about eating a cake she made in March.

So we had a chicken party.

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