Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pets. Or Lack of.

      We seem to have such bad luck with animals.

     I couldn't even keep fish alive. I started with a twenty gallon tank and did my best to take good care of them. They got some odd disease and died slow deaths. I couldn't bear to flush them or freeze them like everyone told me to do. Instead I bought them medicine that never worked and watched sadly as they puffed up and grew spots. I kept up on cleaning the tank. I didn't feed them too much. I will never understand what I did wrong. I finally had one beta that seemed like he was going to live.Then one day we came home and saw him laying on the kitchen floor, covered in white fur. White fur that matched our cat perfectly.  Recently, Chase and Autumn asked to get a one gallon fish tank for their rooms. I decided we would try once more. We set each little tank up and decorated it nicely. We put one beta in each tank. Chase woke up the next day and his fish was dead. We took it back and got a new one. He woke up the next day and that one was also dead. Autumn's lasted a week. I tossed the tanks and washed my hands of fish. Forever. And I won't even get into the whole CHICKEN thing...

     I recently brought a kitten home from the vet. She was orange and cute. We have a sixteen year old female cat and I thought they would be great friends. Only 20% of orange cats are female so I was so excited to find another one. Everyone loved her for about the first five minutes. We named her Edie Beede. She was so naughty. She got into everything. We had to lock her downstairs so she wouldn't destroy our Christmas tree. Our other cat hated her. Havensong couldn't hold her without getting scratched so she put her in her baby stroller and pushed her around. That cat didn't care a bit and tried to claw anyone who passed by.

     Edie's eyes started to get really weepy and red. I took her to the vet. He prescribed drops and antibiotics. I hate giving cats medicine. Not long after that she started wheezing like a dragon. I took her in again. She had a "fragile constitution." The vet said she would always deal with it. Her mother was a stray, so she picked it up in the womb. GREAT. I told him she was making us all crazy. She clawed everything in sight and jumped on the counters. Nobody wanted her near them because her wheezing got on their nerves. Not to mention her head was freakishly small compared to her body. And her belly hung to the ground already. Everyone in our house wanted to get rid of her but WHO would want a cat like this?

     One night we were all sitting downstairs watching T.V. Tayler looked over at Edie Beede and said, "What is wrong with her HEAD?!" She looked like a unicorn. There was something clearly wrong. I brought her in the next day and was told she needed surgery for an abscess. The bill came to $400.00. I told the vet I would not pay that much money for a sickly cat HE gave me. He knocked it in half.

     Soon after we noticed cat spray downstairs. NOOOOOO....I thought it must be our old cat doing it so I brought her in. Nothing was wrong with her. Then we realized...Edie Beede was now peeing in our house! I brought her in to get her fixed. Maybe that would stop this horrid behavior. It was so nice having her gone. I payed $14.00 to have her stay there two extra days. I even considered not picking her up. We put her in the office upstairs while she healed because there was no carpet for her to pee on. It didn't matter. She started peeing on everything else. I had a lamp in a box and she managed to pee on ALL FOUR SIDES of it. It was a birthday gift for my friend! She also chewed up Beau's microphone stand and kicked litter everywhere. Scott came downstairs from cleaning up after her (bless him) and he told me he looked at the pencil on his desk and a bad thought ran through his mind. I knew then, for Edie's safety, and our sanity we had to toss her outside. I was sure an Eagle would swoop down and snatch her but most people in this house said they would welcome the sight.

    The vet bill arrived in the mail. $300.00 to spay her. WHAT?!  I called the vet to tell him I would not be paying that much to spay the demon cat he gave me. He knocked it in half. He was getting tired of me, but I didn't care. I was tired of this creature he pawned off on me. I told him Edie Beede was evil from the start.  The first day she was outside she jumped on a rose bush, tore off the petals, then chased the dog.

He explained to me that her mother was wild, so what else did I expect? Yes. How many of us are products of our wild mothers? That made perfect sense....

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  1. After almost $800 to try and find out what was wrong with our cat Phoebe that we'd had for 16 years, we finally had to put her to sleep without ever figuring out what was even wrong. So I got two new cats from a rescue. Mojo had a crazy water addiction and would lap up water like crazy and then pee all over the house. Thankfully it was diluted because of all the water he drank. I paid several hundred to try and figure out what was wrong but they never did. So I had to give him back to the shelter because he required so much more time than I had to offer. His sister Layla was a sweet natured cat. She got out once and got bit by the neighbor dog. It got infected and we were back at the vet trying to save her. Hundreds more to the vet. She survived it but I wanted two cats to keep each other company. So I got a female kitten from the same shelter and named her Jade. Soon after we got Jade, I noticed Layla was losing weight and she was already tiny anyway. Back to the vet. She was dignosed with the Corona virus and it was mutating and attacking her organs. We had to put her down almost a year to the date of losing Phoebe. I took Jade to the vet a couple weeks ago to get spade. She was supposed to be 'back to her normal self' that evening. The next day, she was having trouble walking and was running into walls as though she couldn't see them. They had us bring her back for a 'complimentary follow up' and told us the anesthesia was lingering but she'd be fine. Wrong again - she's blind in one eye and can barely see with the other. She was a perfectly healthy, 6 month old kitten and I wanted to do the right thing and get her fixed and this happens? They told me that she would adapt and use her other senses to get around but that I 'shouldn't rearrange the furniture'. It has been so hard on my kids. And me too of course. Our pets are our family. Anyway - I feel your unlucky pain too. Kyla