Monday, December 21, 2009

How To Spot A Clean Freak....

It is no secret that Scott is a clean freak. He LOVES to clean the house. It makes him happy. He recently bought me an electronic dustpan. It's called the iVac. He was thrilled over it. I thought he was joking. There had to be something different in the box. Nope....that was it. A black contraption that was going to make my life easier. I nicknamed it the iSore. It's a great sweep up the dirt in front of it and it turns on and sucks it up. The thing is, it turns on when you are walking by it. It turns on when you drop a Sorry game piece and inhales it. It turns on when the cat decides to sit in front of it. If you ask me it creates more work.....but he loves it. He loves to wash walls, floor, counters. We all watch in amazement after a party. Within twenty minutes everything is back to normal....Husbands especially watch with jaws dropped...wishing he would just stop.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Malissa and I were standing in the kitchen talking. Scott was on his laptop drinking coffee. He reached over to grab something and knocked his cup over. Only a true clean freak would do what he did. Instead of letting the coffee hit the floor he threw himself in front of it to catch it. He would rather scald his skin right off his chest than let that liquid hit the floor. Scott even had to laugh at himself. Instead of changing, he got a towel to get any drops that may have missed landing on him. First things first.....

So if you want to spot true clean freak...look for the shirt soaked in's a dead giveaway!


  1. Super funny!! Way to go Scott!

  2. What is so funny about this, is the way YOU tell it! YOU Michelle King (the one with the lemon-heads) are the funny one!!

  3. I pray with all my might he didn't give you that thing for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift--I pray for his sake or I am going to have to give him a very serious lecture on such things.

  4. Thanks Ginny :) I sooooo remember all of our many, many times laughing together....
    Nicole, it was Christmas last year.....lecture away... ;)