Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome Kyle

Well, I have a new follower. His name is Kyle. I basically forced him to follow my blog, but that is beside the point.

He doesn't know this, but he will forever hold the position of being my first child's first "official" boyfriend. Yes, Tayler has liked other boys and hung out with them...but she has been accused by her friends of being very, very picky. They told her she had this dream guy made up in her head that DIDN"T exist. She is not one to throw away affection on just anyone. Well, she has found a person who meets these standards, (GASP) and he is the one who gets to hold the title of FIRST BOYFRIEND forever.

He is the one that has made Tayler laugh the hardest, and smile the biggest... that, my friends, made us snap to attention. He is the one Tayler's siblings tell people about. He is the first one to make Scott's eyes look like a deer in headlights. He is the first one that I have wanted to buy a Christmas gift for.

He has had Chase hanging off of his neck, and Autumn making up code names for them. (SHHHHHH..... it's SHARK GIRL and LAVA BOY) The last time Kyle was here, Chase yelled, "TAYLER, YOUR GEERFWIEND IS HERE!" And he still returns.... Kyle is the youngest in his family, so I am impressed at how well he handles Tayler's younger siblings.

I asked Tayler what things she liked about him that she didn't like about other guys. This was her list:

1) He is sarcastic
2) He doesn't wait on her hand and foot.
3) He is a swimmer
4) He gets good grades
5) He plays piano
6) He plays guitar
7) He golfs
8) He has a nice smile
9) He is cute

Ok....there you have it. Kyle Beede folks....Oh, and are a couple pieces of advice.

1) Honor God always...
2) Respect my baby girl...
3) Watch out, because Tayler comes from a long line of strong women..... ;)That green eyed monster can be rough...haha. Her Grandma IS wanted in Oregon, mind your P's & Q's.

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  1. Wow! He must be quite a guy. Can't wait to hear more about him.