Sunday, December 13, 2009

I <3 You?

I have this little quirk. I often say things that I do not mean so say. Random words will just come out of my mouth for no good reason. I like to tell myself it is because I am always trying to "turn a good phrase" and so words just spill out of me here and there. My head is often in the clouds and I don't notice details very often. (I would make a horrible eye witness.) I am more of an "over-all picture" sort of girl. I like GENERAL ideas...I like concepts. I have been accused of being an air head, but my friend Cassie just tells me I just have a lot to do at once and anyone would act like I do ....thanks Cassie. I will take that. Ya know how some people are Glass Half Empty, and some are Glass Half Full? I don't even know where my glass is half of the time....I just drink out of the hose.

So all that to say...I was on my way to the Logos Christmas Party the other night. I needed nylons so I ran in bare legged and cold into Rite-Aid. I had kids in the car so I went as fast as I could to Isle 18 and grabbed the first ones I saw. I threw them on the counter and swiped my debit card. The lady made small talk while she put the nylons in the bag. "Thank You," she said to me. I took the bag and looked her in the eye and said, "I love you."

I don't know why I said that! It just came out. She looked at me, blinking. I didn't apologize or explain. I was late and had freezing legs, so I left.


  1. Ok, Cassie is mentioned..... lets see.... Does she call you Mikki???

  2. So that is it....I feel like there is more to the story?

  3. Well, I will go in again and she if she says I Love You back. :)