Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Science hates me...

I have been home schooling for years. The thorn in my side has always been Science. It's not my cup of tea. Science is exact. It is precise. It is detailed. I am go with the flow, abstract, and.....not detailed. I think I can safely say that not ONE of my experiments have turned out. The kids patiently go along with me, knowing I will end up stomping my foot...and then telling them how and why it SHOULD have worked.

Today, we were studying Air. We read about how air is always pushing against things. We are so used to it pushing, that we don't even notice it. Next came the experiment. I looked over the instructions quickly. Okay....this was so simple. This had to work. There was no reason it wouldn't.

All we needed was water, a bowl, a plastic cup, and cardboard. We found everything easily except the cardboard. Chase located a box in the laundry room, so we cut of the flap with a knife since we couldn't locate scissors. (Don't even think it...) Autumn offered to do it, but I turned her down, explaining that could end up being a whole different kind of science experiment.

We filled the cup to the brim with water. All we had to do was cover the cup with the cardboard, flip it, and hold it over the bowl. The air would push against the cardboard holding the water inside the cup. I stood there ready to flip the cup upside down. Autumn and Chase were looking at me with stars in their eyes....waiting. I decided I needed to give them a disclaimer.

I said....

"Before we begin this, you must know that NEVER, EVER have I ever successfully completed a science experiment. I realize this one is so simple that for it to fail would be a joke. Still, I do not want you to be disappointed when all of this water comes flying out of this cup, because I am sure the air will refuse to push today, just to spite me".......

They were laughing by the end of my speech. I turned back to the cup and slowly let go of the cardboard. Water came gushing out, missed the bowl and covered us and the floor with water. They stood there, mouths agape...."I told you...science hates me" They fell on the floor laughing. I started to put it all away. This is silly. This should work, I thought. "We are trying this until it WORKS!" I yelled.

They ran upstairs and put on their swimming suits. We then attempted it five more times until that water finally stayed in that cup. Yes, we were soaked. They were having so much fun with it that they decided to take the cups and the cardboard into the tub. They spent 45 minutes in there practicing it over and over. They ended up having a water fight and crying, but still......they now understand that AIR PUSHES. And I have ended my streak of failed experiments.

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  1. I am happy that steak is over!
    LOVE the picture of "amber" in the tub, the joy on her face, the joy of "I did it!" and of course Chase full of anticipation. Cute kids!
    They must have a lot of you in them.....I can see it!:)