Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stupid Deer

Tayler recently got into a car wreck after trying to miss hitting a deer. She hit a telephone pole instead and totalled her car. She was fine, thank the Lord. She didn't get a scratch on her. When the fireman arrived he found her out of her car walking around hot wires. She was coming home from Kyle's house so the Beede's came to her rescue and picked her up and took her home until I could get there. It's a call you never want to receive as a Mother....I have looked at her everyday since then and have breathed a prayer of thanks.

We went to Urgent Care the next night because her back and neck were really sore. Kyle was so sweet to come and wait with us while she got checked out. Of course, it took a while...yawn...and we were getting bored. Kyle resorted to blowing up rubber gloves and Tayler was on her phone. Chase was cracking up at Kyle when the Doctor came in and he tried unsuccessfully to hide it behind his legs. He told the Doctor, "I was just trying to cheer everyone up".

I sat there so amused by Tayler laying there on the bed texting, and Kyle fighting off boredom. I had to take a picture so I could remember it.
And I would like to say one more time how THANKFUL I am she wasn't hurt....stupid deer.

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