Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Bending Moon

There seems to be one thing on my mind at all times these days. It's sort of hard to concentrate because part of my heart is in China. The Moon Festival is around the corner. It's a very important time in China. People celebrate the moon at it's fullest...I thought of how envious I am of the moon looking down on my little girl.. I imagined the moon wanting to swoop down and pick Havensong up just like I want to....

So I wrote this poem for her in honor of the Moon Festival. And in honor of how much I already love her.

The Bending Moon

The moon she waits the whole day through
She glides across the sky
She longs to get a glimpse  of you
Although she's way up high

The moon she hides her pale fair face
She turns the other way
Until it's time to take her place
When night replaces day

She bends and leans and dips her head
She squints her pearly eyes
She finds you resting on your bed
And hears your tired sighs

She longs to touch your soft sweet hair
But cannot fall that far
 She tells her secret to the air
He finds you where you are

Through the window oh so light
A breeze to touch your cheek
As you dream all through the night
You make the sky feel weak

The Moon must go, she blows a kiss
And lets the day shine through
When she's gone she'll sadly miss
                               ......my tiny little you

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