Monday, September 13, 2010

Waiting....I am not good at it.

I hate waiting in lines. I hate waiting at stop lights. I detest waiting rooms. Especially the cold, greasy one where I get my oil changed. I will do anything to avoid it. Heck, I even hate waiting for someone to pick up their phone while it's ringing. So you can imagine how much I have hated waiting in this five year line for our adoption?

 At first I counted down days. The I counted down months. Then the years, and soon I knew I would be counting decades. I bought things for her. I decorated a room in a house we don't even live in anymore. I moved her dusty little dresses to a new closet, but with less enthusiasm. The wait grew and grew until people stopped asking about the adoption. We had a huge concert in May 2005 that raised $5,000. I am sure some people thought we just took the money and ran.

The thing is, we had no control over it. China had reasons for slowing down. They slowed down so much, it seemed we were going backwards. It was the only line I have stood in that got longer the longer we waited. We didn't have any options until our agency began to represent Special Needs. We decided to switch and there she was, within 24 hours.

Now many of you are asking how much longer until we get her. Here is where we are at:

When we got matched with Havensong our paperwork was starting to expire. We have to stay current or we fall under this thing called the Hague Treaty...and that would mean a big headache. More paperwork. More hoops. No Thank You. So we had to have our Homestudy updated....again. We then sent it off to Missouri. Now they will review it and give us an appt. in Seattle to get our fingerprints done......for the fourth time. When they clear us.....yet again, they will then send us our new I-171H. When we have that, our agency can make us an appt at the consulate in China. So I think it will be Mid November. China has sent us our travel approval. She is ready to go....she just waits because of paperwork. And yes, that drives me crazy. But it is what it is. So I wait. But at least I am not counting decades or years. Only months. And pretty soon days.

Hold on baby......we are coming to get you soon.


  1. I am like you... I too hate waiting... in the worst way... now, I am not waiting but now... I am going to wait with Shauna... just sit and wait and watch her grow and learn :) Hugs to ya... it is so worth the wait and more :)

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  3. To have a family a world away who loves her so much that they jump through hoop after hoop, battling red tape and beaurocracy...she is one lucky little girl. I'm so sorry that the wait has been so long. Hoping a smoother ride is ahead of you and that she is in your arms soon.

  4. Michelle and family

    So excited to hear about how the Lord has everything under His control and that the doors opened and closed in just the right manner.

    We can't wait to meet little Havensong. Praying the waiting does not take too long. Just think of this time as the last couple of months of anticipation like you did with each of the your other children.

    May God bless you all as you prepare to welcome Havensong into your family.