Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Open House

I haven't had much time to blog. I miss it! The thing is, I decided to have a little craft show with my friend,Wendy. So I have been spending  my time hunting in thrift shops, craft stores, and elbow deep in paint. Cream and black paint, to be exact. It all started when Wendy and I were at a craft fair a while back. We walked into one of the booths filled with amazing and pretty things. On one of the shelves there was a tiny little sign that read,

Yes, you CAN make it, but WILL YOU?

Well that just made us mad. Wendy called me a few nights ago and said,

"So I did make those things! Come over and SEE!" 

She was right, and her things were even better than theirs. Since we didn't sign up for any craft shows, we decided to make our own. That's how we work....Let's just do our own show! In a week! I mostly talk big.  I have spent most of it worrying....and whining...and being drug off the couch by Wendy. I would open my eyes and she would by pointing at me with her glue gun.

 We have gone to bed around 2 AM most mornings. And have made more than a few late runs through McDonald's for Coke. We have spent hours in Michael's. The last time we were there I was tired and grouchy. As I was paying, I told the checker and all of the people behind me, that this was my final purchase at a craft store. That I was tired of making things and I would never show my face in one of these places again. Wendy just shook her head and laughed at me. But I was serious.

"I hate crafting. I am sick of it!" I told the lady directly behind me.

 I then handed her a flyer and told her she should TOTALLY come to our show because it would be amazing. I told her about all of the fun things we made and that there would even be a bagpiper there. She and her Mother said they would love to come. I said goodbye and went out to the van. As we were getting in those two ladies came running outside yelling for us.
"You forgot your bag!" they yelled.
They were laughing as they handed me my supplies. They said they wouldn't miss our show and would tell their friends. When they said "show" I don't think they meant our crafts.

What started as "nothing" has now turned into something quite nice. My living room rivals any boutique in Whatcom County. I wish we would have filmed ourselves these past few days. We would make a great reality show. I commend Wendy for keeping the vision alive. I loved the thrill of finding a diamond in the rough at the thrift stores, but it's Wendy with the real talent here. She has a gift for making something beautiful out of nothing. We invited my friend Erin, and my Mom to join us. Erin makes jewelry and vintage items. She has a flair for all things whimsical with an artistic twist. My Mom paints on wild turkey feathers and frames them. She is so talented. I am always amazed at those tiny little scenes she creates.

 I am just here to help them show off. I may have come along for the ride with a pout on my face and a paintbrush in my hand, but I am now thrilled for you to see the end result. We spent an entire afternoon trying to come up with a name for ourselves. That in itself was so entertaining. We decided on

Vintage Ever After
Because we just might do this again. We will see how tomorrow goes. I will let you know for sure.

See you tomorrow at 8075 Rodeo Drive, Lynden
. Starbucks Coffee, treats, crafts, and live music. And like I said before....LOTS of glitter. :)

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