Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday Favorite: Clinton James Photography

Tayler and Kyle had their engagement pictures taken. They turned out so beautiful. I think Clinton did a fabulous job of catching their personalities and their charm. I cannot WAIT to see what he does with the wedding pictures. Here is the link to her wedding blog:
They are having a Vintage theme... I loved it from the beginning but couldn't quite figure out why I adored it so much.

It reminded me of something lovely but I couldn't pinpoint it. So nostalgic, so pretty.

Then it hit me....Tayler looks like both of my Grandmothers in their Glory Days. The dresses, the hair-do, the car...As a girl I would stand on my tiptoes and look at the pictures on their dressers, wondering why women didn't look that way anymore. It was as if the average housewife had just stepped out of the silver screen. They looked so classy and feminine in their tailored tea dresses and heels. Girls these days do not appreciate this type of beauty...they show too much, and look older than their years.
But my girl has a natural gift for glamour gone by....
 And she grabs your attention with her eyes, her smile, her grace.

I thought Clinton James was my Friday Favorite, but I guess it's really Tayler...


  1. I just LOVE these pics! They are so classy and beautiful!

  2. The pictures are wonderfully done, but your words got me! Lovely expressions from a proud and emotionally filled mom!