Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favorite: Asian Bistro and chopsticks!

Asian Bistro is my favorite place to eat. It is owned by Wilson and Nancy, a mother and son team. The food tastes fresh and flavorful! My favorite is the Thai have to try it. The owners are so sweet and they know ALL of their customers names by memory. Ok, they struggle with Havensong's name, but so do a lot of people.

     We went there today to celebrate our re adoption. We went before a judge today at the courthouse and filed for citizenship and a Washington State birth certificate for our baby girl. After the judge finished asking us all to swear to take the very best care of Havensong and love her forever she raised her hands and yelled out a cheer. She has quite the little personality on her. After the court session we went into a party room with all of the other families with adopted children. It was a beautiful sight seeing children from all over the globe with their new families.

     We had lunch at Asian Bistro and Wilson and Nancy were so happy for us. They have been part of our adoption process for six years. We have celebrated every adoption milestone at their restaurant.  Today we found out that Nancy was born in the same province as Havensong so we took a picture of them. Also it was Havensong's first try at chopsticks. She did fabulous! Except she left a lot of rice on the floor. Wilson patted my shoulder and said, "No worries, I am a professional."

    They are located in Ferndale off of Main street. If you are in Whatcom County try it out and tell them we said "Hello."


  1. Hey I think my friends were there with their little girl "Samantha" from Ethiopia. Mom is beautiful women named Christina and they have three boys??? did you see them???
    this is Heather Bruland....

  2. I think so! It was really great...lots of sweeties from Ethiopia!