Monday, March 12, 2012

Ombré Highlights


The above picture is me exactly ten minutes after dragging myself out of bed. But it's perfect because it shows my ombre' highlights. I love to torture my hairdresser sister. She has just opened her own salon in Vancouver. It's called Salon J. She's amazing. You should ditch your current hairdresser and go to her instead. I say this even though I knew what ombre' highlights were before she did.

I often call her when I read or hear about new things. I saw a picture of Drew Barrymore and thought....

"Hmmm.....she has major grow out but it looks like she did it on PURPOSE!"

 First of all, I just plain like Drew. She is funny, and adorable, and I think Autumn resembles her. So, if she could sport grow out, then I felt happy to copy her. But my reason was not to look like her. My reason was... I have a son competing at World's in Scotland with his pipe band, and I have a daughter getting married. So I can't AFFORD touch ups! These highlights are supposed to resemble in sunkissed highlights from hours and hours of playing in the sun. Just like when we were young and it happened naturally during summer. (with the help of lemon juice in a spritz bottle)

I called Jessica to see what she thought of ombre' highlights. This is exactly what she said...

"WHAT?! Oh Michelle, I am in the middle of a color. WHAT??? (insert laughter) I don't even know what you are TALKING about...I gotta go. I will call you back. And STAY OFF of the INTERNET!"

Well, I went in to my hairdresser here and told her what I wanted. She had not really done them but said she was up for the challenge. That was in September. I am now six months out. I have grow out but instead of feeling like a loser, I feel like a star! (of my very own reality show)

 I was talking to Jessica the other day and she told me after she talked to me she had lots of people ask her about OMBRE' highlights. HAHAHA. She said it figures I would know about them before her. See, she is too busy actually doing hair rather than following up-to-the-second trends. Honestly, I am itching to go get my roots colored, but I just can't justify it. I will wait until June. Until then, it's Ombre' for me.

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