Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Six Birthdays

So it's my birthday today. I can tell you, for the first time, I am not overly thrilled. I like being in my thirties and don't really want to be out of them. I mean really, will I look this happy when I am in my 40's?
One can hope...

I was looking through albums last night to see how many birthday pictures I could find. I found six, and decided to post them for fun. I scanned them today but couldn't figure out how I was going to separate them all to make them into individual pictures. I was staring at my screen and shaking my head. Most of what I manage to accomplish on the computer is by sheer accident, and I am always so amazed with myself when it works. I don't have a knack like some people, and I didn't know how to cut virtual pictures apart.  I am so thankful Dan called right at that exact moment  and told me about the "Snipping Tool." Wow! Now that is a handy thing to know about. He then told "Happy Birthday" and hung up. Autumn said, "Yep, that's Dan The Man for ya."

So here I am a a couple of hours old. ( I realize my parents will be the only ones to really enjoy this post. haha)
Here is my first Birthday. I swear I remember this, but maybe it's just because of seeing the picture so much. But that cake is so familiar. And I so appreciate it because I love to decorate cakes. I am sure this is what inspired me.
And here is my second birthday.

And my third birthday cake was so great, and I KNOW I remember it. I also remember I got coloring books and paints as gifts. I think Aunt Susie brought me this cake, but I could be wrong.
And the fourth. I look pretty proud here, I'd say.
I remember how cute I thought I looked at my fifth birthday. My Mom put pigtails in my hair and I loved it. I usually had pretty wild hair, but I loved it when she would slick it all back like this. I also remember if I complained or wiggled she thwacked me with the brush, but this is a cheerful post, so I will leave that part out.  ;) HA.

And the sixth birthday. I made that crown in school and wore it all day. I think all kids should wear crowns on their birthday, but especially ME because my maiden name is King, so I am more entitled.

So thirty nine years ago I was born at 11:27. I came out  breech. First one foot, then the other. I am sure I was hanging on for dear life to warmth and comfort. I can see myself doing that. My poor Mother's arms were strapped down to the table while she delivered me. They did that back then so you wouldn't touch anything with your germy hands. They were putting a gas mask over her face the whole time and she was fighting it, but it was pointless since she was tied down. That just sounds so scary.
I much prefer the way we do birth these days. When I delivered Autumn I had six women there and we were passing around Snickers and Pork Rinds. Now it's a regular party when you birth a baby.
A Birthday Party.

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