Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Song

I look at Havensong and I feel like I have always had her. The five year wait seems like nothing.
I can't imagine my life without her in it. She melts my heart each day. Her laugh sends me to the moon. She endures my endless kisses with patience. She twinkles her eyes at me and I am undone. She was mine from the first moment, but I am starting to feel like HERS.

Everything is a new experience to her and I love seeing it all through her eyes.
 The water, the sky, chocolate, bubbles, music, and everything in between.

 Last year I wrote in my journal and asked God to give me a " New Song" in my heart.

 Little did I know what He had in mind.

 His thoughts are such grand thoughts.
 He is Big.
He is Glorious.
He is Sovereign.
He has no Plan B.
He takes messy things and makes them beautiful
He finds what is lost.
He grows things out of the hard ground that is our hearts.
Life is found in chaos...
We think we have things all figured out only to realize we have no clue.
And when we are at a total loss, He comes in and restores.
He will never leave us.
I call that a New Song....
And the Song He sings is everlasting, unending, and true.


  1. I am the same with Shauna... like she was 'meant' for us... funny how fate/destiny works out... people say about hos 'lucky' the kids are... I think about how lucky we are...

  2. This is the thing I love MOST about adoption. God is sovereign. These were His plans from the beginning. He redeems and makes all things new. He is so good.

  3. You blow me away with your beautiful wisdom and insight. You are so talented and creative and filled with such gratitude....Havensong is way beyond blessed to have you as a Mama. God Bless you both with a L O N G and Happy life together!

  4. Oh, our God is such an awesome God. You made me tear up this morning. God's best blessing to you and yours.