Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doll Arms

Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch the Doll Arms skit on SNL. Kristin Wiig is so funny. Every now and then SNL stumbles upon a comedic genius, and she is one for sure. She is a favorite around here and the kids act out all of her skits. She has perfect timing and just plain shines when she is on stage. Tayler first showed this to me and I was so surprised at how hard it made me laugh. I remember being busy when she told me to come and watch so I did so reluctantly, but when she came out with those tiny doll arms I lost it. I realize I may be talking it up too much, but each time I view it I laugh.

The other night Beau jumped into the van and said "Hi Mom!" When I turned my head I saw he had a little doll arm waving at me. My mouth dropped open as I looked at him smiling with his cute dimples and waving that tiny little hand.
I am sorry, it just strikes my funny bone.


  1. Ha ha I'm the same way....I love some of those tiny hand skits! I can watch them over and over....

  2. I guess it is just you and ME! LOL!

  3. Ha ha did you see the one on this past week?

  4. It has funny parts....Elton John was the guest!