Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ok. I am not a techie. In fact, I am SO far from it. I have mentioned before that anything I manage to do on the computer is sheer luck. And I am amazed when it actually works out. When I call tech support (or Beau's friend Robert) and they tell me what to do to fix a problem, I have to ask them to start by saying,

"Michelle, please walk over to your laptop and pick it up."

We then proceed from there.

The thing is, I do want to learn! It just doesn't come natural for me. I have gone back to school recently in hopes of earning a degree in Journalism. It's something I have wanted to to for a long time and I am thrilled/scared. But when I ask certain questions like,

"How do I make my screen brighter?"

 I can just see the other person trying not to look shocked.

 I think it's funny I am in school with Tayler. She and Kyle and I went to an orientation for online classes at the college. We laughed at how silly it was that we were riding there together. We got there late, which was blamed on me, and walked into a full classroom. It felt so awkward ( and so familiar) but there were three computers open in the back of the room. I sat between Tayler and Kyle. The instructor asked us to please turn on our computers and follow along. Of course...MINE wouldn't work. UGH.  I leaned forward and whispered.

"PSSST! Tayler! I need help! My computer will not turn on!"

She mouthed something but and then turned back to her computer. I didn't blame her, everyone was looking at us. I couldn't believe it. So I turned around to ask Kyle. He wasn't allowed to ignore me. I could tell he was trying not to draw attention to us. He tried to tell me what to do. Then he said,

"Oh, there... you just it turned off. All the way off. "

I assured him I didn't do it. It was not my fault. I had the "lemon." (Of course I did.)

Finally the teacher came over to try and help. She said,

"Oh.... I guess it's broken."

I turned around and gave Kyle a smug look. and mouthed,


I am now in my third week in the Angel online classroom and have figured it out for the most part. Still, it isn't something I just automatically know. It's really trial and error for me. And sometimes I feel so ignorant. But when it DOES work, it's such a great feeling knowing I just conquered a little bit of technology.

 I am glad the instructor told us there were no silly questions.
 And I am glad I can't see her face as she reads my questions.

Oh, and I am glad I am finally going back to school.
Even though it felt like it was too much right now....so far so good.  :)


  1. Yay for going back to school! And...best of luck with Angel. I may or may not have thrown a laptop on account of that website.

  2. Thanks!! I may call you with questions.

  3. I didn't know how to turn a computer on until I was 29... broke up with the ex b/f and decided it was time to learn something... now, I am somewhat of a 'geek'... so if between 29 until now at the age of 42 and I am a geek when it comes to the computer - well, I probably know 75% of what to do, fix problems etc... you can do it too... don't let a pile of wires get the better of you :) Hang in there sister... you are doing great :)