Monday, April 11, 2011

Thanks Kyle!

I have to say it is great having Kyle around. He is Tayler's boyfriend, but he is also our friend too.
It's like having another child around ...but one that doesn't talk back, is helpful, thoughtful, and fills in wherever needed!
I have seen him stirring soup with Havensong on his hip, hanging curtains, hauling furniture, and picking up Beau from school when we forget to do it.
 ( And that is often)

Chase thinks he is his personal board game buddy. I think Kyle played games with him for three hours today. Well, other than the time he spent helping my mom hang up a Shakespeare quote on my wall. (Which turned out nicely.)

Is this what a Son-in-Law is like? A Boy Scout in house to lend a helping hand?? (Cheerfully!)

( Oh wait, Kyle IS an Eagle Scout...)

 If so, then what have I been worried about for all of these years?

While Beau is laying on the couch eating chips, Kyle is painting walls.

 He is a good guy.
And this is my little token of appreciation.
Thanks Kyle!!

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