Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorite: Fabuliner

I really hate spending a lot of money on make up. But....I also feel sort of  like a scrapper standing in the aisles of Walgreens buying my beauty products next to twelve year olds. The thing is...I am skeptical. I am not convinced that the $20.00 eye shadow is that much better than $7.00 eye shadow. I know some people get a huge thrill using name brand products. It makes them happy. I get a huge thrill knowing I outsmarted those ladies in the black coats behind the counters in the mall. And I am forgetful, so when I lose my make up bag I am not thousands of dollars in the hole.

And as far as skin care goes, if I can't eat it I don't put it on my face. But skin care is not the purpose of this post. Nor am I really focusing on which make up products are organic or not. I just want it to stay on for more than two hours and make me look like I am..... not wearing make up. Haha. latest hunt has been for a really good liquid eyeliner. I tried Clinique, Origins, MAC (gasp! no I didn't like it) and Benefit. They all smeared. After years of searching, my sister told me her make up lady raved about a product called Fabuliner by Jordana at Walgreens.
                                                  It's amazing. I loved it. And guess what?!?

                                                                  IT'S A $1.99!!!

 So, you could easily buy ten year's worth in one trip.
You should try it and see if you like it.
And the whole time you are putting it on, you can feel really smart.
And sassy.
And not broke.

Oh, and one last thing...It's made in ITALY. How many people can say they use Italian eyeliner? Hmmm?

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