Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Oh this baby girl melts me. I can't even tell you how much. She is changing so much each day and continues to be the bright spot of our day. She walks around knowing she is causing smiles at every turn. The kids like to tell me all of the funny things she has done. I like to look behind them as they talk because Havensong is usually right there listening to everything. She smiles and nods while they tell us all the cute things she did. She seems thrilled to hear exactly how amazing and adorable she is. She grins so big I worry her little face will split. I always say, "Did you do that???!" And she cracks up.

I am a little concerned she isn't talking much yet, but I worried she wouldn't eat or walk and she is doing both of those things. When she does talk we wonder if she is speaking fluent Chinese because that is what  it SOUNDS like. When she arrived home she never chewed on toys or clothing and never had her hands in her mouth. I don't know if it was discouraged in the orphanage, but I'd never seen a baby not do that. I know it's important for them to chew on things because it's directly related to language development. Lately she has been putting her shirt in her mouth or bites on a toy and I clap and smile and cheer for her. Now she does it just for that.
And ...I have noticed more babbling going on. This video gives a little glimpse of what we get to hear all day.
 I love it.
 Especially because she starts out each little sentence with "MOM."


  1. From all my language studies, I would be willing to bet that her lack of talking is because of the dual language situation. A lot of studies have shown that kids exposed to two languages often speak later than average, but then when they start talking they're often more advanced. Steele had so many mouth/eating issues.. and now it is the rare occasion when is not talking. ;-)

  2. She is completely adorable; you are both lucky!