Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bridal Shower!

Begin at the beginning.....

Tayler had her bridal shower yesterday. It was so wonderful. She looked radiant and happy. The room was gorgeous, and the guests were delightful. I decided to make it resemble Alice In Wonderland. I spent the last few weeks going to thrift stores and garage sales looking for Mad Hatter inspirations. It was so much fun. I have always loved a party with a theme. And this theme appeals to me because I am not a perfectionist. I don't see straight lines. I didn't have to iron, or make anything perfect because it was supposed to be off! My kind of decor! My mom made the centerpieces. I handed her a box of mismatched china and she glued away. It was perfect!!

I set up four long tables to resemble the Mad Hatter's tea table. I would have like all of the guests to sit at this table but we had 60 people so we didn't have enough room for that. Instead I piled it with candle sticks, flowers, silver pieces, lace, moss, and china platters that I made from thrift store finds.

My mom filled bottles with various colors of blue and I tied Drink Me tags to them. Each person had a strawberry tart waiting for them on their plates with a little Eat Me sign in it. They were so pretty and I almost felt like trying it out just to see if anything would really happen. I've always wanted to be taller!

The front table had the guest book and fun little pictures of Kyle and Tayler. Of course there were mirrors and skeleton keys scattered about. We hung paper lanterns among white twinkle lights from the ceiling. Well, I should say, Molly hung them. Even though she is afraid of heights!

We played fun games, including the classic one where you aren't allowed to say certain words or you lose an item. We used golden keys and the forbidden words were pretty and Kyle. Nor could you cross your legs.

Tayler received lovely gifts and she was beaming the whole day. Truly a blushing bride....
We gave tiny scented lace bras in vintage boxes as favors. They were so adorable. I will ignore the fact I saw one hanging from Beau's car antenna today.

Beau made a surprise appearance as the Mad Hatter and played his bagpipes for the crowd. I told him I would refrain from posting pictures of him though. He gave a nice blessing for the bride and groom that left everyone a bit misty eyed.

Tayler and Kyle are so excited! It's so refreshing seeing a young couple serving God and loving each other so much. I couldn't be happier for them!
My mom worked so very hard to make Tayler's shower beautiful! She is so creative! And thank you to the bridesmaids and friends who brought food. It was the perfect amount and selection. I appreciate your support and love. And a special thank you to Cassie who stayed after to help us clean up. It was fun kicking off our shoes and turning up the music while we put stuff away. I especially liked our little break we took, sitting around a table, eating leftover cheese squares and drinking the rest of the coffee while we talked about the fun day. It's what I love to do. Sit and talk. :)
Now.....on to the WEDDING!
                                                   -Photos courtesy of Molly Heiser

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