Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Diary

      Sometimes I just feel like journaling. Just so I can get my words down. I figured this is a good place to do that. For the sake of having it.

     I have been so busy lately. I feel like I am living in a whirlwind of activity. I keep waiting for it to slow down, but it's not. I'm not complaining though, because it's a good busy. I feel so blessed. Tayler is getting married next month. That is hard to even type. I am happy and sad all at once. I am happy to see her start a new chapter. She was born grown up. She has been waiting for this moment for a long time. She is going to be an amazing wife. And one day and amazing mother. She did well in school and I was proud of her for that. She has other amazing talents as well. I watched her as a girl, and knew it would come back because she loved it so much. She has the homemaker gene, and she does it all so well. This girl can cook, sew, bargain shop, and decorate. I think I am most excited to see her bloom in this area. She will be the one making her kid's clothing, hanging custom gorgeous curtains, and watering beautiful flowers. When I read Proverbs 31, I see Tayler through and through.

    She is so creative and efficient. She asked me the other day if I would like to make homemade laundry soap with her. It makes some unreal amount for like ten bucks. (or something) I told her I would like to do that. She said she had already ordered the stuff to make it. Wow...ok. I am so not that organized. When she was younger we would go to the soap-making store and buy ingredients to make bath bombs. She had her own little sewing business at 11 years old. She loved it. I am glad we spent so much time in craft stores, fabric stores, and thrift stores. It created great memories for us, and obviously struck a chord in Tayler. We always said she was a little "Martha Stewart." I tried to be, but nothing ever turned out properly. Hahaha....When Tayler does it, it works. She sees detail and has a flair for all things crafty.

     I know I will cry on June 4th after she is all moved out into her new apartment, but I am sure the very next day I will be over at her place, watching her turn it into a home. Having an adult child is pretty neat. I think what I like the best is I can now step into more of a friend role. I can love her just the same as always. She is still my baby, just in grown up form. But she is now making her own choices, and I will support her, pray for her, and offer opinions when asked. (well...) I will also learn a lot from her, to be certain. So while I am tempted to weep over having to close not just a chapter of her childhood, but the whole book, I am also ready to enjoy what is around the bend.

     Next month....she will walk down that aisle. And away from us? No, more like next to us...Here is a conversation we had last week... so funny.

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  1. I've thought about making laundry soap too. Tell me all about it when you do.