Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Victoria and Comox Highland Games

   Beau, Autumn and I had a fun weekend. We went to the highland games on Vancouver Island. It was a busy time, but it was great. We waited in the ferry line for two hours, and after we docked we drove to Courtenay BC for the Comox Games. Autumn and I walked around town while Beau practiced. She had never had Gelato ice cream so I told her we could get some. We waited in a huge line and when it was our turn she asked for a sample. Then I asked for a sample. I decided to decline because compared to the frozen yogurt we have been used to, it was really gross. And I certainly was not going to waste precious calories on yucky ice cream. Autumn didn't know why I turned it down, but as the lady stared at her, waiting for her decision, she kept looking down. I told her to please hurry because there were like fifty angry people behind us. She just stood there staring. I pulled her to the side of the line and told the lady to serve the next person. I asked Autumn in a whisper why she wasn't able to decide. She said, "I think Yogu San has ruined me....that was really gross." I looked up and the lady was again waiting or us to decide, but now everyone was waiting for us. I said, "RUN!" And we weaved through the people and ran out the door. We ended up getting a meringue cookie instead and it was amazing.

     We went back to watch RMM Pipe Band compete. Here is is small clip of them practicing. They did great and both grade 4 and grade 3 took first.

     The next morning we drove to Victoria and they competed in the 149th Victoria Highland Games. They won first place again! It was a fun day. Autumn and I walked around as usual and looked at all of the same things we have looked at a million times but still enjoy it. We chatted with vendors, including the Sons of Scotland tent. They worked with Pixar to help create the animated feature, "Brave," which is coming out in June. It looks SO GOOD.

Here is a clip of closing ceremonies at the games.

     After the games, pretty much everyone raced to get the 7:00 ferry. I got a little lost on the way which really stressed us out because the next ferry was at 9:00. And you can't leave and come back. You just sit there. We made it on with only four cars to spare. PHEW! We then stood in line for 11/2 hours to eat. We got our food 10 minutes before we docked. We arrived at the Peace Arch Border crossing to an hour wait. ( Do you see our theme here? Lines, and waiting. Lines and waiting.) I was so glad to get home to my bed, and I promptly fell asleep, still hearing bagpipes. I always hear them for a full day after games.

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