Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Ol AAA!

My van battery died tonight while we were in Canada for band practice. I called AAA and they sent someone right out. He called me to tell me he was close but couldn't find me. I could SEE him way down the road. I couldn't tell him how to get to ME since I was unfamiliar with street names. I told him to wait there and I would just come to him. Seriously. I said that. I'm sure he thought I was pulling a prank. When he finally found me, I promptly swallowed a bug and started coughing my head off, so grossed out. Then Beau swallowed a bug. He must have thought we were insane.

Not to mention I was COVERED in dirt from head to toe because I was in the garden up until we left for practice. I looked like a 10 year old kid. Face smudged, hair looking like a bird made a nest in it. (Beau's words)

NOTHING is standard with us.

I am a prime candidate for AAA. I should be their spokeswoman.


  1. Oh goodness...I feel so uncharitable sitting here and giggling as I read this, but...you're such a humorous writer! I'm assuming y'all made it home okay, wince you posted this? :-)

  2. Yes, I made it home. :) And thank you!