Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Favorites... a bit late

I had this really great idea. I wanted to let my 12 readers have something to look forward to each week. Something they could count on. Solid and unchanging....I thought it would be fun to post one of my favorite things each Friday. The thing is, I kinda sorta need to do it on Friday if it's "Friday Favorite's." But I am more creative than organized..... That's my excuse for most of my weaknesses. I asked Scott if he thought I could still do one tonight even though it is technically Saturday. He said "No." I turned around and said "Hey! It's my blog and I will do what I want!" He said I could call it "Forgetful Friday" Anyway, you may get a few of these posts on "Second Thought Saturday." Whatever.

Tonight was the release party for the new Logos software. It's so amazing. You should all buy it today. That is not my Friday Favorite though. As we walked in the door, my favorite cups were lined up on the table for the taking. (They look like the clear Starbucks cups but they are hard plastic with screw on lids. ) And...I am sort of throwing in two favorites today. I used to get lattes, but I found out that iced coffee tastes the same and is much cheaper. Recently while in Starbucks, the employee told me about this new, hot item called Via instant coffee. It comes in the CUTEST little foil packets. It dissolves instantly in hot or cold water and it tastes brewed. I was sold. Now I make my own iced coffee with two pumps of vanilla in the comfort of my own kitchen. It averages out to about 80 cents per cup. A far cry from the four dollar latte. You can also use it in hundreds of recipes! You can roll your steaks in it, make cupcakes, chicken soup, creme brulee', muffins, cookies, cannoli, pies, smoothies.......I bet it even removes stains.

After the party was over, we were walking out with our friends Andy and Maureen. I told Scott to grab me an extra one. He would not do it. So I told Andy to grab me one. He also seemed reluctant. I just reached over and took Andy's cup out of his hand and marched out the door. I think I heard him yell something like "Real NICE Michelle, stealing a cup at a bible software event all the while wearing a Star of David around your neck!" He was forced to get another cup for himself from the table. He followed us out the door and immediately started griping about the snow on the ground and said it should stay on the mountain where he could see it but not feel it. I thought that was so funny for some reason and told him I was going to put that in my post tonight. He said that was just fine and even spelled his name for me so I could quote him.

I came home to write this Friday-Favorite-on-Saturday post. I put the coffee in my new stolen cup. It then took me ten tries to get a decent picture of me drinking it and I finished the whole thing....Now I am WIDE AWAKE as a result. (I don't usually add whipping cream with little gingerbread man sprinkles, but I thought it made it more exciting looking.)


  1. A few thoughts about this post:

    1. You need to try Toddy. I think you would love it. (This is where I was trying to post a link to a toddy maker but I guess my computer is acting up this morning. Go to amazon - type in toddy maker.

    2. I think I need to find myself one of those cups. Do they sell them at the Woods? (This is where I would put the link to the cool ceramic cup that looks like a hot to-go cup from Urban Outfitters.... again, if I could get my computer to work properly)

    3. I completely disagree with your friend Andy.

  2. I know you disagree with him. :) Didn't you just spend a lovely day in the snow? Yes, you can get those cups at Woods. Or I could "score" you a Logos 4 cup.;) A toddy maker....hmmmm I will look that up! I have never tried Toddy.

  3. I do enjoy your story-telling. Thanks for sharing yourself and your talent.

  4. Um, tell Scott he needs to spread the Logos love. I WANT one of those cups. I don't want to have to come rip one out of Andy's hand :) I need a cute cup for sure.

  5. I will somehow get you one. You deserve it Nicole.

  6. ummmmm......actually you are up to 16 followers now including yourself. :) I would follow myself too if I was this good at blogging.