Sunday, November 15, 2009



I just have to start out by saying that. I just got off of the phone with my friend and we agreed that sometimes it is nice to just be negative. She said she logged onto Facebook, saw all of the cheery posts about perfect husbands, perfect kids and perfect pets and logged off. ...She said it would be nice if just for once someone would just say, "Tonight when I looked at my husband, I wanted to vomit." Or how about "My kids are driving me crazy because they won't stop asking me questions!" The more she talked, the more amused I got. She was so frustrated, but the more she talked, the harder I laughed. Is it wrong to be angry, or just wrong to advertise it? I am not naive enough to think that others never struggle. It would just be nice to know it now and then!

So here it goes...this one is for you Kristy!

My laundry pile is starting to fossilize

My kids ate today but I had nothing to do with the process

I need to return library books, but they are lost...again

Our dentist banned us from her clinic for missing appointments

Our orthodontist congratulated me last week on only being one hour late

I cleared out my voicemail, but only so people will stop hounding me, not because I will return their calls.

I lose my keys about twice a day

I need to go grocery shopping today...but I won't....

I text while driving...but I am GOING to break that bad habit

So you see...I am so off the mark and suppose I will share that fact. And Kristy, if you need to call and just vent or be negative for a little bit, I will stand by you and I will listen. And maybe we will even end up laughing about it all.

While writing this post the phone just rang. It was Kristy and this is what she said..."I have decided to not let things get me down. I am going to get out of the house and go to church and everything is going to be just fine!" (insert very happy tone to her voice) That is SO funny. I guess I am on my own. hahaha

I asked her to come over for dessert later. I guess I should get over this bad mood so I don't bring her down. :) Really, who wants to be around someone who is always complaining???


  1. HA! Sounds like my life. Don't feel down. If anyone is half honest they run the same type of life. If they say they don't they are either lying or live an extremely uptight and way too organized existence. Surround yourself with real friends---sounds like your friend Kristy is one I'd like to be friends with too.

  2. Yes, You would like her Nicole. She is so funny...... I love being around her!