Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fewer eggs...but I still love them.

Ever since we lost Chick Magnet 1 our egg production has dropped by half! I would like to know how a rooster encourages a chicken to lay an egg. Is is work to lay an egg? Would a hen just rather not? It seems they are much more relaxed and happy without him. So relaxed that they are barely laying. I am curious to see if things pick up once there is a rooster out there again.

A Chicken's egg production declines after one year. Commercial chickens are allowed to live for two years. (If you call being confined in small wire cages "living") After that, they are slaughtered and used for BABY food and PET food. Blah....And the fate of the poor little baby roosters is so sad. They are killed right after they are hatched. Some little roosters are even used as disposable packing material for the shipping of the baby hens! I think my little Chick Magnet 2 should feel very lucky. Instead of being tossed into a grinder, he was flown first class to Lynden and acquired immediate "Rock Star" status.

I know that chickens are viewed for the most part as food. Or only kept for the eggs they provide. But I am surprised at how friendly and "pet-like" they are. Lots of people around the world keep them strictly for companionship. The photo below is an interesting way to sell baby chicks as pets.

I enjoy my chickens just as much as I do my dog or cat. At least the chickens give back! Our dog just lays around and wants to be fed. Our chickens provide us with a great breakfast each day. That is why I have no problem bringing them to the vet, giving them extra treats and spoiling them. They deserve it. I now let them roam around all day outside their yard. It does stress me out when I think of all of those eagles in the trees but I know it makes them healthier and happier. It also gives us better tasting eggs. They LOVE finding bugs and scratching in the dirt. I laugh so hard at them kicking bark dust everywhere. I will be glad when Chick Magnet 2 gets bigger so he can be out there protecting them. Until then I will just keep my eye out and my fingers crossed.

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