Monday, May 17, 2010

Pretzel M&M's

I try not to eat sugar. I avoid it most of the time. And it has paid off. It really is my enemy. But sometimes I give in. When I do, it usually will involve one of three things.

1)Chocolate and caramel.
2)Chocolate and mint
3)Chocolate covered pretzels.

Rolo's scream at me from their little shelf. York Peppermint Patties taunt me with their shiny foil wrapper. And I literally run from those "Dips" at Costco. Trader Joe's has DARK chocolate covered pretzel's. The last time I was there with Jenipher, I put them in my cart and took them out through the whole store. I finally ended up throwing them past this guy's head right before the check stand. He ducked and laughed because he had been behind us the whole time. He said he lost the bet he had made with himself. He wagered I would end up buying them. Haha...I won. I avoided hundred's of calories.

There is a way to eat something you love but shouldn't have. Open a bag with a bunch of people around. Kids are the best choice. I will tell my kids and their friends "Hurry! Eat this!" And then I will only get a couple.
Or I will hand the bag of whatever-it-is to Chase and say, "GO!" He knows the drill...he runs and hides it somewhere. They love that game.

So, all that to say.....Tayler walked up to me last night and drops a few M&M's in my hand. But they were round. "What are they?" I asked. She didn't answer...I popped one in my mouth.
"Great! Thanks!" I yelled.
"Why did it take M&M so long to make these," I wondered. Now I have these to run from at the store too... maybe I will just buy a package and share it right then and there with the checker and the person behind me. That will work.


  1. I do this a lot. I don't buy myself many sweet treats (except for my Sat. and Sun. quad soy mochas) but when I do, I make sure I take them to work. There's enough people there to eat most of what I have so I can have a little and ease the craving without too much quilt when I'm done. It took me 4 months to finish the Ferrero Roche candy my mother put in my Christmas stocking.

  2. It is a great way to avoid the calories but still enjoy sweets from time to time....."Please, have chocolate is your chocolate..."