Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tenth Avenue North

I love this band. I drive Beau crazy when we get into the car. I never get tired of listening to it. Yesterday he said to me....
"I know I will regret telling you this, but Tenth Avenue North has a new album out."
I slammed on my brakes. (Don't worry, I was still in the driveway)
"WHAT?! Why didn't you tell me this?"
He pointed out that he just did. I came home and listened to one of the songs and I can tell I will like the new album. I don't know if it is possible to like it as much as the first, but ya never know. It kind of reminds me of the time I listened to that "Third Day" album until the kids wanted to throw it out the window. In fact, I think they did.

Here are a couple of my favorite Tenth Avenue North songs. The lyrics always go straight to my heart. I am reminded that I cannot earn God's Grace. Boy have I tried....but it's a gift. It is overwhelming to me when I think about what that really means. I often times struggle against that. I try to "work" or "bargain" my way to Him. I try to compensate for my own lack. I make it so hard on myself. It seems so insane to fight against the very Hands that are keeping me from falling...I am great at sawing off the proverbial branch that I am sitting on. I happen to need that Branch. Otherwise it's just me smacking face down on the cold, hard, ground. Over...and over.... Like my niece Scarlet says....
"Duh Tupid."

Beau just came in and I told him I bought a couple of the songs already. He told me that was going to be my Mother's Day present and I ruined it....He should have known better. :)

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