Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll Pass On The Rat Poison....thanks.

It sometimes takes a while to realize that your parents know things. It can take years, in fact.

I grew up with a Mother who thought for herself. She questioned authority. She didn't just run out and do everything the doctor told her. I was the kid who was not allowed to rinse with fluoride. All the kids would sit at their desks, watching the clock...swishing. They would ask me why I wasn't swishing. I would tell them sweetly...
"My mom doesn't let me rinse my mouth with rat poison....."

We didn't get our vaccinations. I used to love watching my Mom inform the nurses of the law. I waited for that golden moment when the nurse realized that we in fact did not live in a communist country, and they could not insist we get our shots in order to go to school. My Mom would just flip over the exemption form and sign the school nurse glared at her the whole time.

Our kids are not vaccinated either. I have spent many years reading about it. I won't give all of my reasons, because

1)I don't like to force my view on others. (I used to, but have grown tired of it)
2) I don't like reading posts a mile long...and that is what it would be.

Recently I have been faced with a dilemma. Tayler wants to be a part of a medical program that will require her to get her shots. Well....this is easier said than done. I always knew that when my kids grew up they would have to decide for themselves. But she's not grown up yet. And now I am being forced to make a decision. I have an ethical problem with the shots because most of them have aborted fetal tissue in them. She will have to get the MMR and that one does include it. You may not believe me, but it's true.

So...I am feeling like my Mother. I have to take a stand and it is not fun. The nurse in charge of the program argued with me, took my concerns personally and treated me very badly. She laughed at me when I explained that if I did give Tayler the shot I needed to find one without the fetal tissue. She said I was crazy to believe that. Well, I talked to the head nurse at the Department of Health and she must be crazy too...because she told me


She wasn't hateful. She was kind and understanding. She offered to help me find a source that I would be comfortable with. I will never be totally comfortable because of all of the million of other ingredients in the shots that are toxic...but at least no aborted babies will be involved.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. I think it was easier just being that kid sitting at her desk resenting the fact I had no rat poison to swish with. I am sure Tayler wishes her Mom would just "go with the flow" but maybe one day she will look back and appreciate my efforts....

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  1. I often wish I had Pam to talk to when my son was little. I grew up in a family that a) rarely talked about anything really important and b) did what "was supposed to be done". I vaccinated Jake and knowing what I know now (thanks to your mom), I would have made different choices.

  2. Melanie,
    I know, but we can only work with the tools we have right? I look back and feel the same way in many areas. It is something I admire about my Mom though. I'm glad I had her to talk to me about it.

  3. Great post, thanks for the info and yes your mom is a wealth of knowledge, you know you are turning out like her in that way, good for you!