Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorite: Fix, Freeze, Feast

I hug this cookbook at least once a month. I would hug it more often but I only see it monthly because I only NEED it monthly.

 It is a wonderful batch cooking tool. I have tried other cook books that promote this concept, and most ended in total disaster. I remember one time, I found myself hobbling around the kitchen at 2 am, with my pants rolled up to my ankles, tip toeing around broken glass and surrounded by piles of chopped food, near tears, and imagining what I would do to the author of that cookbook if she happend to walk into the room at that moment. (Remember Cassie?) Not to mention, the end result produced dinners the kids didn't even like. The recipes in this cook book, however, are full of dinners your whole family will enjoy.

 This book is so user friendly and compliments your Costco shopping perfectly. I usually shop one day and cook the next. It takes me about three hours to make 16 dinners. If I was a good blogger I would even have the price break down for you. But I am a word girl, not a number girl, so just trust  me when I tell you it is WAY more cost effective to cook this way, AND it eliminates those daily store runs which hurt the pocketbook.

The favorites around here are:
Mozzarella Meatballs
Pecan Crusted Chicken
Curry Chicken
Balsamic Pork Chops
Party Enchiladas

It is a wonderful thing to just open your freezer and pull dinner out each day. This method of cooking hands you back your evening, tied with a pretty little no fuss bow. The recipes are healthy and from scratch. You won't feel like you are eating TV dinners, I promise.

Kati Neville and Linday Tkacsik, the authors of the cookbook also keep a blog called The Forklift.

There you will find notes on recipes and all of the new things they are up to.

Well, I am off to make 120 meatballs. That will give me five dinners. Once I get the kids rolling them, we finish in no time.

Try it out and just see if it doesn't make your day a little easier. Then when you see me, you can hug me.


  1. You are a most excellent blogger. I enjoy you so much. I am going now to look up this marvel of a cook book. Cooking is my life....not that I wanted it to be. But it is what it is.
    Happy Day,

  2. Love it too! I haven't used it in a while since we have so much frozen meat and I haven't quite figured out how to work it all together. But I DO love it - especially the curry chicken.

  3. Lindsay Tkacsik? She's the secretary at the kids school- funny!

  4. I love this cookbook! We especially like all the marinated meats for grilling in the summer,(or broiling in the winter!!)

  5. Hey, a cool trick for making meat balls... pat the meat out on the table on wax paper and cut it into squares, then just roll each square into a ball. It is so much faster because it is already separated and makes the meatballs all the same size- esp when several hands are helping. I love batch cooking!

  6. Deeann that is an awesome idea and I am going to use it

  7. I am a fool for cookbooks, recipes, cooking and baking! And I like to save money(who doesn't)! I will definitely check this out! Thanks!

  8. "Well, I am off to make 120 meatballs." LOL! This is my quote of the week, I think :-)