Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please Hum, Mum...

Havensong will go to sleep on her own in her crib just fine. It was hard for me to get used to because I always sleep with my babies next to me. I tried one time to put Tayler in her crib. She woke up to nurse, and I sat there holding her, freezing cold and tired. I remember clearly looking over to my pillow and blankets and climbing back in with her, and saying, "Forget that!"

 I always parented from my gut, not from the latest book. For hundreds of years parents had slept with their kids, so far be it from me to change things up at this point in history....besides, I love my sleep. And those moments of cuddling all night were sacred to me...and will always stand out in my mind as precious. Besides, I am sure they loved my drool on the top of their velvety little heads.

I got all of the comments from people about what a mistake I was making, and I would just think,

 "Well, it sure is working well, and it's a beautiful mistake."

And guess what? Beau does not beg to sleep in my bed, he is very happy on his own. As is Tayler and Chase. So I didn't mess them up. (Ummm, I left Autumn out, because she would be thrilled to have me drool on her head still. I guess I did throw her off. But I am SURE by the time she is ready to move out or get married, she won't be sneaking into my bed still....maybe.)

So, when Havensong arrived, I had mixed feelings. Why would I mother her any differently than the others? So I tried to let her sleep next to me. I was all ready for that cozy little girl to be under my white fluffy covers...but she was not. She fussed and tossed and turned. If she awoke and she was next to me she got upset. Maybe it is because she just doesn't know me well enough, but whatever the reason, it didn't make her happy.

So into her cozy crib she went with her white "fuffy."

 But not until I rocked her.
And sang to her.

 I wanted to at least have that. So I rock her until she is allllllmooosst alseep and then tuck her in. She is still a bit awake, but the last thing she remembers, is being sung to sleep by me. And in the morning, I drag her right into bed when she wakes up and we cuddle and play. She's fine with that...

Here is what I sang to the others, and I also sing it to her.

Said the kind kangaroo, oh what shall I do?
If I had a cradle I'd rock it...
but my baby is small, so I think after all,
I'll carry her 'round in my pocket...
(boom, boom)

Bamma taught Tayler that song, and it has been a favorite for all of these years. I did notice one thing tonight. When I was singing it to Havensong, she was fidgety. So I started to hum it instead, and she fell asleep instantly. I wondered if maybe the words were frustrating her, as if she was trying to process it. Scott said while in China, she preferred humming to singing. Makes sense...so much of this is guess work, but we must be guessing correctly, because she is adjusting so beautifully.

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  1. You are the most amazing Mommy to all your children! I am blessed to know you Michelle!