Sunday, January 9, 2011

Settling In

It's crazy that I have only known Havensong for one week. It's hard to imagine not having her here now. We are starting to see her personality blossom, and she is so adorable.  From what I can gather she is just...SWEET. She is sweet when she plays, when she eats, when she sleeps. She is starting to relax more with me too. I can't say that she allows me to comfort her, she still comforts herself for the most part. But she lets me hold her while she comforts herself, so that is a good start. She loves having a white cloth diaper to hold and cuddle when she is tired or overwhelmed. The nannies at the orphanage told us she had one in her crib at all times. I have affectionately named it her "Fuffy." She tickles her cheek with it as she falls asleep or buries her face in it while its on my shoulder. It now makes me tired if I am holding it!
She will suck her tongue when she gets sleepy and it's extra cute when she smiles while doing it.

She doesn't often prefer me over BEAU yet, but she does prefer me over strangers. And that is a new change. It makes me so happy when she fusses and reaches for me. She seems to be adjusting so well. I can't say I am an expert on attachment, and I plan to read up on it some more, but it feels like things are going well.

Her brothers and sisters have not stopped fighting over her as of yet. It's just not wearing off! I find it funny that I have to act fast in order to change a diaper...will this enthusiasm last? I do find moments for just the two of us.  I scoop her up and take her of to a quiet spot. I usually have to lock the door and I see little toes on the other side, waiting for her to emerge, but I manage...

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